Introducing Flirting With Drinks:Wet Feeling, You Bet… 

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By Xexzy Amanda

Let’s talk about wines,  spirits and dessert drinks.


I just dont want to bore you with stories but history has shown that wine emanated many years ago which spread all through entire world.

In a quest for the best taste for relaxation, the Roman empire went ahead to  improve the cultivation of the  natural materials  like grapes for producing wine and also discover the technique in wine press  designs to be in barrels  for better packaging and storage.

It has shown that wine drinks are very much acceptable as  part of culture  in today’s world because of  its charming nature of flavours which emanate from the various  types of fruits especially grapes giving different flavours which put the wines to wear two colours either white or red with extra rose and sparkling  nature.

However, different wine with different colours and unique taste unveiling different meaning for instance white wines comes from mixed citrus and spicy flavours.

Even at that, we can categorize these wines with various brand as they appear in bottles in celebrations as seen in bars, harmoniously with its flirty nature accompany events and celebrations around the world.

Rose Wines

Sample of Rose wine

Has its gorgeous nature of all kingdom of wine mixed with Red grapes having a wide range of aromas from oak to eucalyptus chocolate and mint.

Sparkling Wines

Sample of champagne

Wine of this kind are very luxurious and sexy in nature with its flirty attribute as it sparks its bubbles in a magical attractive manner such as champagne, brut or cava.

Dessert Wines

Sample of Desert wines

Most of these wine has a very cool nature, do come out very sweet and blends with desserts mainly served at the end of a meal

Other Wines

Sample of Spirit and Liquor wine

These wines are fortified with liquor and alcohol which is blended with brandy with having a base volume alcohol of 15%.

Red Wines

Sample of Red Wine

In its nature is the most classic of all kingdom of wine mixed with red grapes having a wide range of aromas from oak of eucaalyyus chocolate and mint flavour. It is considered as the smatest relating wine in the universe.

However, having a glass of wine at the end of a meal isn’t that bad at all but you will agree with meal that it completes your meal but moderation is cool for your health. Be sweet!

You can’t beat the taste as we flow!

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