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i am Peta

Say No To Rape!

I wish the world could turn to good where men and animals are still friends. Where tiger could hug a sheep and hawk will fend for a chick. I cannot just imagine this world been so mean and wicked to devour fellas and suck up the strength in human even the life in one still depends on the Almighty God so no one should dry up the blood from any fella no matter the gender and status.

Be humble and good, don’t waste lives!

By Mc Popori
LOVE more
FIGHT less
DOUBT less
RELAX more
WORRY less
ENJOY more
PLAY more
Life is the first gift,
Love is the second, and …
Understanding is the key point in life.

By Mc Popori
Omo guy just carry him girlfriend go show him family say, ” Baba! Mama! this girl na the girl wey i wan marry o! But him no know say this him girl na him elder broda ex- girl o, tori come worse say this him wife to be na him papa girl friend sef before before and him mama na the nurse wey dey help the wife to be commot belle, na there yawa come gas o.

As bobo carry him babe go show him papa and mama for home say him wan marry the girl o na him come find out say him papa na him girlfriend sugar daddy and she even get belle small for him elder broda now sef and na him mama bi the nurse wey dey help him girlfriend comot belle anytime she get belle and to finish am pata pata, him papa just buy the babe new car wey she dey use do shakara for him bobo say she gather money from her work take buy the moto meanwhile na bobo papa buy the Jeep o. Omo una dey see life so, yansh no go kill man for dis world o.

Abeg how una take see am? Yarn your mind here!

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