Meal Diary II: Red Wine Pairing Spicy Sea Food And Wine

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…enjoy the spicy romance of meals 





Still on healthy living, as kings and Queens we ought to deliberately engage in lifestyle that will boost our life span not destroy it.


Today,  we will be looking into different evening cuisines that might make you long for more outing but same time enjoy the moment with some taste of wine.


Chief Mea is here for you, your kitchen will have to keep your smile going with different foods, vegetables and fruits to engage your audience though at this point prices does not really play as many couples may sit out just to relax from the days stress.


To this point, I present to you this week menu as paired with variety of wines tasting just like we say if you decide to go a “little more at a time” if your penny isn’t huge, you can also go for “more at a time”, even if your pounds bulges the pocket but then the merrier it becomes”, I bet!


Let’s take it this way, Sea food paired with red wine, join us as we explore the real thing on stage.

Teriyaki Salmon fish with Avacado creme


Herb-Crusted Sautéed Salmon fillet with pistou


Chardonnay & Garlic Shrimp


Baked Shrimp Scampi


Lobster & Champaigne 


Taste & Seal the romance in pairing food with drinks as much as you can for all evenings especially when is TGIF.


…to be continued next week 


…up next is brewing your taste with African dishes and varieties of drinks.


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