Meal Diary I: Fresh Juice Pairing Spicy Roasties And Veggies

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…enjoy the spicy and tickling sensation





Today,  we are advised to adapt to healthy living and that means we ought to live a life of Prince and Princess no matter how buoyant or poor our pockets seems to be.


Believe you me, one can actually live a healthier or unhealthier life with the little or huge penny or pounds in the pocket, ask me how!


Cheif Mea is here for you, you just have to get yourself acquainted with the environment, the resources, foods, vegetables and fruits to your disposal then the market prices can be managed if you decide to go a “little more at a time” if your penny isn’t huge but you can also go for “more at a time”, if your pounds bulges the pocket but then the merrier it becomes, I bet!


Healthy living is not all about what you feed on but how you feed on it, the quantity or quality also matters a lot, when, how and where you get or make your meals should take priority.


It could be fun and interesting even appetising when you make your meals deliciously appetising with some few veggies and steak or roasted chicken or beef or turkey or pork, the adventure in it will give you a waoh!


Frankly, when you have your meals with loved ones on a well decorated dinning halls or tables with the aroma of a good balanced delicious meals dishing out of your kitchen especially for lunch or dinner even breakfast early mornings, afternoon or evenings but be mindful of the right hours to have your meals especially dinner shouldnt be be after 6:00pm instead before 6:00pm.


You can make your meals very inviting and more tasty when garnished with those ausconbions accompanied by some glasses of fresh juice, lemonade, yogurt and tea or coffee even the more colourful fruits and veggies involved, the merrier the moment will become.


Some funny weathers like that of the Africans or European invites some spiciness in the meals especially the meat aspect of it all just to make the wet or cold moment suit the body.


Taking care of a cold weather will automatically suggest, you solve the mathematics as it suits your lifestyle better but don’t forget health is wealth!


For real, I will definitely love to take care of a cold weather with a fresh juice or chapman topped with a little whiskey to blend with my kinda roasties either chicken or pork or fish or turkey though spicy and delicious with or without anyone accompanying me to my dinning table.


Well! That’s my own choice of meal but yours might differ, so suit your taste while we move on to my dine and wine practice.


Follow me today, as we cruise together to my special dinning moment, first on list is fresh juice blended with roasted beef, steak, chicken, turkey and fish garnished with some veggies to calm the moment to its best style.


My choice for a tasteful treat tonight will be a fresh juice with some hot spicy rosted chicken and then maybe a barbecue fish for a take out.


Here we go!…

*Roasted Spicy Chicken pairing fresh mixed juice.



* Rosted Spicy Barbecue fish paring fresh lemon juice.


* Rosted Spicy turkey with veggies paring fresh plain juice.


* Rosted Spicy diced Steak paring fresh juice.


* Rosted Spicy pork paring fresh lemon mixed juice.


Just in a lighter mood, what drink pairing will you be relaxing with this independence holiday or weekend? Send us comment on your favourite wine or juice pairing while we take it further next week on our next episode of “Food & Wine’.


Taste & Seal the romance in pairing food with drinks


…to be continued next week 


…up next is brewing your taste with local and english varieties of drinks.


Written by Xexzy Amanda 


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