Wine Pairing With Hot Spicy Meat Soups…TGIF Rated 18+

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..enjoy the spicy sensation,TGIF!

By Xexzy Amanda


Generally,  life is full of surprises, build today and enjoy tomorrow or enjoy today without building then watch people enjoy tomorrow but I really believe in having it all fun and fulfilled thereby building and enjoying today while maintaining the enjoyment style tomorrow with some adventures having food, drinks, travels then tours all the way.

Longing for that spicy soup to cool of some cold weather after a long journey, it will not be out of place for you to embrace that welcoming hug from a good chef with this exquisite delicacies either African, European, English, Spanish, French or even Chinese taste just to calm make yourself fill at ease, ofcourse when the weather is actually cold it’s romantic to prefer that warm feel a spicy real hot taste and soup can solve that mathematics.

Follow me as we take a cruise to the best spicy cuisine by the beach land right alongside a beautiful lodge with a luxurious colourful flowers appealing to all eyes especially for me, not sure of you but I promise you will surely be hooked by the appearing view of this environment.

My choice for a tasteful treat tonight will be a sparkling wine with some hot spicy beef and seafoods soup then maybe a barbecue fish for a take out.

Here we go!…
*Beef peppersoup pairing red wine

Peppered Beef Soup with Red Wine


*Shrimp peppered soup paring with sparkling wine…

Shrimp Peppered Soup with Sparkling Wine


* Cartfish/Shrimp spicy soup paring Red wine

Cartfish&Shrimp Spicy Soup with Red Wine


*Chicken/Corn spicy soup with wine

*Grinded Chicken&Corn Soup with Wine


*Barbecue Fish&Potatoe Chips with Veggies

Barbecue Fish with Potatoe Chip


Just in a lighter mood, what will your soup or wine pairing taste like this weekend? why not send comments on your favourite  pairing while we take you further next week on our next episode of “Food & Wine’.

…up next is veggies & roasted meat paring with chapman and fresh fruit juice!

…be part of our tasty fans!

Taste & Seal the romance in pairing  edibles with drinks

…to be continued next week friday

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