Flexing Wine, Champagne With Garnished Meat …TGIF Rated 18+

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enjoy the sweet sensation,TGIF!

By Xexzy Amanda


Life could have been so boring without those ingredients that toasts it up.

Checking out some delicacies which moulds the beauty and sumptuousness of meals meant to edify the kitchen of a proper chef both ancient and modern would not be a crime.

Let’s identify each chopped and minced stuffs that makes up different beef, seafoods, livestock and veggies to cook that salivating aroma that make your belly rumble for a quick taste of the puddings in the kitchen even before served as a meal when on transit.

Experience as they will always say is the best teacher of life when tough to learn.

Follow me as we take a trip to the wonderful world of our chefs mixing and blending all sort of crunchies with beef, livestock, seafood and veggies, all to go down with some sparkling wine and champagne of a great choice as it may be called.

Today, we are going to blend our taste with beef, seafood and veggies with red wine and champagne, here we go…. have a taste of ours and be converted…

*Red Wine with Steak and Veggies

* Fish paired with Wine

Fish paired with wine

*Sparking wine with seafood

Sparkling wine paired with seafood


*Red wine with Chicken

In all these blends, one must be acquainted to one favourite blend like ours, why not send comments on your favourite  blend while we take you further next week on our next episode of Food & Drink”

…up next is peppered, unspiced meat soups paring with drinks!

…be part of our tasty fans!

Taste & Seal the romance in pairing  edibles with drinks

…to be continued next week friday

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