Magic Moments With Drinks, Beverages In West Africa…

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By Xexzy Amanda

Spiced with beer, spirits, beverages 

Typical African bar

West  Africa has been recognised for its flirty and intriguing nature of flexing with wine, beer, spirits and beverages as days wind down unlike the Europeans whose style is  to constantly have meals with wine but not withstanding, Africans are black, bold, beautiful and charming in all their relaxing attitude such sexy lifestyle that includes food, drink, fashion as the case maybe is not left out.

We cannot but admit that drinkables are best and fastest moving business in this Afican continent,  whether you like it or not, evenings must call for a sit out either in bars, club, restaurant  or hotels infact entertainers also boost their moral with drinks either wine or spirits topped up with beverages and fruits pers say.

Beer topped with seafood, beef…

As lovely and strong race, Africans endure the hot weather during the day, cooling off in a chilled bar with chilled drinks like beer, wine and spirits in the evenings after a hard work day but even at that, steaks, beef, chicken, turkey has a lot to offer n this lifestyle either as suya or peppersoup, barbecue or pepper meat just to spice up the day in grand style.

One can easily be attract to this occassion for the fun and enjoy the moment with some cash out  from the pocket. Infact with the sound of music dashing out from the venue, men orders for more drinks in different forms beer, spirits, cognac, wine, juice and more especially the local aspect of drinks like palm wine fresh from the source which makes the moment more real and interesting.

Talking about  magic moments without mentioning drinks become dull as most brand have diligently and decisively unveiled such taste that make men smile even when sad. Lots of brands has made it to the tops as its brands became the desire of most gatherings and with smiles men rush for the taste just to feel cool.

Glasses of Beer

However,  one man’s brand is another man’s distaste so drinks is inevitable in most gatherings especially the African gatherings or relaxation centres with a little life band, the moment twinkle to magic level and everyone is happy to be around.

Palm wine, African way

Relaxing moments can make you feel the groove with assorted drinks and foods especially in African way.

….to be continued next week

Drink but dont be drunk, taste it responsibly with pride!

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