Flirting With Wine And Noodles This Twentieth-First Century

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By Xexzy Amanda

…a treat full of pleasure!

Hot fried noodles with veggies

It has been an odd style to mix some meals blending with wine, champagne or spirit but I bet you, most times it blends better and turnout real tasty with very romantic sensation, most couples enjoy its aroma and taste.

Let me take you to the classy world of foods, noodles in particular where selection of noodles invade the moment with blends of drinks like wine, champagne, cocktails, beverages, liquors and spirits having different types of meat both white and red in a fried, roasted or cooked form for a treat.

Noodles with Shrimp & Champagne

Taking you to the world of noodles blended with drinks of all sort even the noodles doesnt come empty but with  variety of flavoured spices which reveals a particular brand of drinks either in wine, champagne and spirit to keep the taste real and interesting.

Noodles with shrimp, veggies & red wine

I can’t but imagine meal stuffed with beef, sea food or like noodles matched with shredded beef, roasted, fried or cooked and a glass of red wine or noodles matched with roasted pig or Turkey or seafoods for a toast of a dinner night party.

Spaghetti with minced & shredded beef & champagne

Mehn! It’s gonna be a very inviting but enticing moment especially when with you are with your heart throb,  I bet! It is a sure deal for a night toast.

Red wine blended with noodles & cooked tomatoes shrimp stew

I can assure you that noodles with wine are not awkward but sweet savouring taste and flavours which makes your day a fulfilled one. A trial will convince you in your next holiday trip, request for noodles blended with wine or champagne.

Festive fruity punch drink

You can also try this noodles recipes with some juice, beverages and cocktail drinks ensuring you blend with roasted, shredded or fried beef, steak, chicken, pork, fish even veggies as it pleases your taste.

Cocktail drinks paring with noodles, veggies & sea foods

Thus, a trial of these recipes and drinks will not just convince but convert you to a noodles lover.

Flavoured Sangaria paring with noodles

Taste & Seal the romance in noodles!

…to be continued next week friday

Up next; Wine paring with beef, seafood, livestock, veggies

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