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It is understandable if the PDP-led government of Delta state is jittery over the fate of Governor Sheriff Oborevwori as Sen Ovie Omo-Agege’s determination to rightfully claim the mandate through the court to get to climax with the highly anticipated Supreme Court decider.


It is however annoying and unacceptable for Oborevwori and the PDP in their desperation to win at all cost to attempt to defame President Bola Tinubu by engaging fifth columnists to accuse the President of moving to influence the ultimate Supreme Court judgment in favour of Omo-Agege. This is the most unfounded, baseless allegation.



Oborevwori and Delta PDP must leave Tinubu out of the impending doom. Tinubu is not the judiciary. When court judgments are in favour of the PDP and other opposition candidates, then judgments will be hailed and commended. When the judgments are in favour of ruling APC candidates then the opposition will say it is influenced by Tinubu and APC.


And by accusing the President they are also rubbishing the judiciary. For how long are they going to play dirty politics of running down the Nigerian judiciary? It is wrong to blackmail the judiciary for political reasons. I’m not a member of APC, PDP, or the Labour Party. Agreed, every sector is failing in Nigeria and the judiciary is part of the country, but the selective blames on the judiciary is a dent in the image of Nigeria.


For once let the opposition camp accept the judgment of the Courts. Those who falsified election results with the collaboration of INEC officials should blame themselves and stop blaming the judiciary.


Jackson Ude, former aide of Jonathan who is a PDP member should keep his mouth shut for misleading the public on Tinubu’s alleged sacked of some state governors. You can’t muzzle the judiciary with such careless talk.


Those who live in glass houses should be mindful of throwing stones at others. Former President Olusegun Obasanjo as said by Atiku Abubakar forcefully took all the South West states except Lagos and Obasanjo has not rejected this statement by his vice president then.


Obasanjo under PDP started the ‘rofo rofo fight’ as sang by Fela Kuti. Sheriff should defend his questionable mandate and leave Tinubu out of it.


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