Mi Amore II…Rated 18+

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….intriguing & very sexy

…..continued…So I smiled, then he washed his hands, towel it while holding my body close to his body and with a soft kiss, he said, “let’s go to a decent club around town to seat out and have a bottle of champagne while we discuss better, I think you charmed me already”.


He held my hands to the car even as he drives and in a moment we entered a very nice club, quiet and expensive indeed with the music playing very low and he offered me his hands for a short dance while holding my hips, we rocked the music anyway while searching for a very cool corner to perch.

Immediately we sighted a comfortable seat,  he drew me closer to himself looking at my eyes while touching my lips, whispering how sexy and tempting my lips even as we look at ourselves eyeball to eyeball with his hands on my hips, he couldnt resist the temptation but whispered kissing my lips gently saying, “ you are such a Beauty, I want you to be mine, what is the sacrifice for your love” and that made me smile saying, “we just met”.

And he said again, “we just met but my heart recognises you so I smiled while he kisses my lips with his hands strolling all over my body, I can feel the thrill right inside me, down to my loins as if I should allow him devour take me to ecstasy even as I was feeling his JT stroking up and down bulging harder as it strokes my dress very hard.

The look on his face made me feel how much he needed me and that puts me in the mood as his body was so warm, vibrating with that desire to eat me up as it touches mine and you could feel the emotions building up inside with the desire to have it so quick for real.

Smith is a very romantic soul I must confess as I can feel it from his entire moves but very sexy as well, you can’t beat this moment of romance as I already feel like letting him have the real game but I am gonna halt it now as the waiter just arrived with a bucket of ice cubes decorated with a bottle of  champagne and someone needs to direct him to a table of our choice.

You can imagine how strong Smith holds my body to himself without letting go, he whispered to the waiter, “could you give us some minute” so he smiled and said, “enjoy the moment sir, I will definitely be back” and that was surprising the way he dismissed the waiter.

He grabbed me, kissed my lips very deeply while caressing my body and  said, “I will take care of you, if you allow me take you be mine”. And that made me smile as am enjoying every beat of the moment.

…to be continued next weekend. TGIS

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