“The Power of Patience: Why Petitions And Protests Won’t Bring Change, But Waiting Will”

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In the realm of politics, the desire for change is a constant force. Citizens often feel compelled to voice their concerns, discontent, or aspirations through various means, such as petitions and protests. However, it is essential to recognize the limitations of these actions and the significance of patience.* _In the case of Delta State, Nigeria, where Governor Ifeanyi A. Okowa has left an indelible mark on the political landscape, it is prudent to await the opportune moment for change rather than relying solely on petitions and protests. This article explores the reasons why waiting until 2027 is the best course of action for those seeking a different governance path for Delta State.


Governor Ifeanyi A. Okowa’s Legacy:

Governor Ifeanyi A. Okowa has undeniably proven himself to be a political maradona, a shrewd and astute politician whose actions have spoken louder than his words. During his tenure from 2015 to 2023, he spearheaded significant infrastructural development and prioritized human capital growth in Delta State. One notable aspect of his administration was the emphasis placed on gender inclusivity, with programs aimed at empowering the girl child and ensuring women’s representation in socio-political and socio-economic spheres, aligning with United Nations recommendations.


The Impact of Governor Okowa’s Achievements:

A cursory glance around Delta State reveals the tangible impact of Governor Okowa’s policies and initiatives. From improved infrastructure to enhanced opportunities for women, his contributions have made a difference. Despite facing criticism from some quarters, it is important to acknowledge that pleasing everyone is an impossible task in the world of politics. Even Jesus Christ, who performed miracles and provided for his people, faced opposition and was rejected by some. Governor Okowa’s actions have served a greater purpose, aligning with the sustainable development goals (SDGs) and investing in infrastructural and human capital development for the state.


The Importance of Loans in Governance:

One common criticism directed at Governor Okowa is the alleged excessive borrowing during his tenure, with accusations of loans surpassing one trillion naira. However, it is crucial to understand that loans can play a pivotal role in democratic governance, as long as they are directed towards infrastructural and human capital development approved by the SDGs. These investments have a multiplier effect, creating sustainable growth and prosperity. It is unjust to solely focus on the negative aspects of borrowing without acknowledging the positive outcomes that can be achieved when implemented wisely.


Waiting for Change:

Given Governor Okowa’s influential position in Delta State politics, supported by Ex-Governor of Delta State and his predecessor by name Dr. Emmanuel Eweta Uduaghan, the best course of action for those seeking change is to exercise patience and await the opportune moment. The year 2027 presents a natural opportunity for those who have interest to become the next Governor of Delta State despite it’s almost impossible to hijack Delta State from PDP because “Delta State has and is still soaked in the blood of PDP since 1999 till date this is a fact rather than relying solely on petitions and protests, which may not yield immediate results, it is more pragmatic to strategize for the future by those who are petitioning and protesting at Abuja or Delta State.



In the complex realm of politics, change is often a gradual and nuanced process. Governor Ifeanyi A. Okowa’s tenure in Delta State has left an indelible mark, and his accomplishments should be recognized. However, for those seeking a different path, it is crucial to exercise patience and prepare for the next election cycle in 2027. Petitions and protests, while valuable expressions of discontent, may not bring about immediate change.


Even the election case at the Federal High Court against Rt. Hon. Elder Sheriff.F.O. Oborevwori by the former Deputy Senate President Senator Ovie Omo-agege is a dead on arrival case and a waste of time, legal and logistics funds. “His Excellency Sheriff Oborevwori is a cat with nine lives”.

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