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By Christian ABURIME


As a way of constantly reaching out to the citizenry of the state, Anambra State Governor, Prof. Chukwuma Charles Soludo, CFR was hosted to the regular quarterly “Chat with Mr Governor”, an interactive session with ndi Anambra on Anambra Broadcasting Service (ABS).


The Governor spoke on a wide range of issues.


On the upcoming Anambra investment summit, billed to hold on Thursday, September 7, 2023, the Governor said the event will be the first of its kind in the state and that investors from all over the world will be attending.


Speaking on his administration’s first pillar; security, law and order, Governor Soludo said that insecurity has been minimised to the barest minimum, as Anambra is now calm.


The Governor revealed that Anambra will host the world this Thursday, 7 September, 2023, to drive home the point that the state is ripe and open for investors, pointing out that many agreements and deals will be signed on that day.


Governor Soludo noted that the law is being worked upon, to check the excesses of officials of ARTMA, explaining that in the coming weeks, the state government will commence marking on Anambra roads, to differentiate between red zones and free zones for motorists, directing that effective, September 5, 2023, nobody should be fined more than five thousand Naira for traffic offences by ARTMA untill the road marking is completed.


While appreciating Ndị Anambra for supporting his administration’s security efforts, he said to improve security in the state, government has deployed a joint team of security forces and that there has been a significant improvement in security since he assumed office.


“We are using a different kind of approach and a joint team of security and tactical forces to resolve these issues. So far, I must commend them. I know most citizens in Anambra will admit that the state is now better than it was before we assumed office.


“We are also going to pass a law as soon as the House of Assembly returns from recess to deal ruthlessly with touts, the majority of whom are not ndi Anambra;” the Governor noted.


Professor Soludo also discussed his administration’s plans for road construction in the state, pointing out that the state government had since declared a state of emergency on roads and that it is targeting construction of 400 kilometers of roads before the end of the year.


“We are very strategic about roads, especially those that are in totally neglected communities that have not seen tarred roads before.”


He also said that his government is working to replace all diesel-powered streetlights with solar-powered streetlights.


“If we had continued with diesel, we would have been spending billions of naira monthly. Our target is to install 25,000 solar-powered streetlights this year and a further 10,000 units by next year.


The Governor revealed that following an agreement between state government and EEDC, plans of laying gas pipelines to Awka are underway to generate power.


“As part of the agreement, I will be signing a memorandum of understanding (MOU) on Thursday with a company that will be designing the feasibility study and master plan,” said Governor Soludo.


The Governor equally spoke on the one youth two skills programme, explaining that the funds are ready and will be disbursed this month to youths that completed the pilot phase of the initiative and enumerated some progress and plans by his administration in the health and education sectors.


Speaking on the fuel subsidy palliative, which is being implemented by the federal government to cushion the effects of the rising cost of fuel, the Governor said the state government has received N2 billion from the federal government.


“The federal government (FG) will give states a loan of N5 billion, with the FG paying 52% and the states paying 48%.


“So far, we have received N2 billion. Hundreds of thousands of bags of rice are now being purchased and will be distributed to the 326 wards by the end of this month.


“We are setting up committees in each ward that will coordinate the distribution of the rice. The FG also gave us an additional 3000 bags of rice.


“We have designed our palliative comprehensively, which is said to be the best in the country. It will reach major people, such as workers and pensioners, who will each receive N12,000 starting from September this month.


“Vulcanizers, wheelbarrow pushers, hawkers, okada drivers, and petty traders are exempted from taxes.


“Transporters (Keke, Shuttle and bus drivers) will have 20% of their taxes removed. Pregnant women will receive free antenatal services in general hospitals and primary health centers.


He called on Ndị Anambra to rally more support base for his administration which he emphasized is committed to building a liveable and prosperous smart mega-city where people will be proud to live, work, invest, relax and enjoy.


Callers into the programme spoke about early detection of erosion, estates in neighboring towns that require road networks, increment of salaries in all MDAs, touting, and other issues.

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