FG Plans to Convene 120 Researchers, Startups AI Stakeholders for AI Implementation Nationwide…details

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The Nigerian government has made plans to convene 120 researchers, startups and AI stakeholders to craft a cohesive framework for AI implementation nationwide.


Minister of Communications, Innovation and Digital Economy @FMCIDENigeria Bosun Tijani @bosuntijani announced this initiative, stating that the workshop, scheduled for April 15th to 18th, 2024, in Abuja, aims to develop a National Artificial Intelligence Strategy.



Supported by Luminate, the workshop will focus on co-creating a framework aligned with Nigeria’s priorities for leveraging AI to enhance lives and drive economic growth.


Tijani underscored the importance of harnessing AI for national development, citing its potential to address challenges in education, agriculture, healthcare and more.


He highlighted previous initiatives like NAIRS and 4IRTA, which engaged Nigerian AI talent for technological advancement.



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