Extramarital Sex, Public Drinking Banned During Qatar 2022 World Cup


The Qatari government has announced a ban on extra-marital sex amongst fans and players who will be in the country during the upcoming FIFA World Cup.

The predominantly Muslim country prohibits anyone from having extramarital sex and has said that visitors to the World Cup would not be exempted from the rule.


Failure to adhere to this directive could lead to as much as seven years in prison.

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The country also has a stringent policy on alcohol consumption in public and clamps down on people who are publicly intoxicated.

Men and women are also not allowed to wear excessively revealing clothes.

The FIFA World Cup is a global event that sees players and fans from all over the world with different backgrounds converge in the host nation, but since Qatar was announced as the host for the 2022 edition, there have been concerns about the country’s strict rules.

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