Zoho Unveils Team Pipelines In Bigin To Redefine Small Business CRM Market

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The leading global technology company, Zoho Corporation has launched its team pipeline in Bigin, which will enable New Capabilities, including Team Pipelines, Toppings, and Developer Center which will go beyond sales inorder to manage all types of customer operations for small businesses all over the world.


This event took place on Tuesday 31st of January, 2023 in Lagos state, Nigeria.



Zoho Corporation today unveiled that its latest version of Bigin remains the preferred CRM solution for small businesses which offers a simple yet powerful CRM without the high barrier of entry and cost.


According to Kehinde Ogundare, the Country Manager of Zoho Nigeria who specifically reveals in his statement that, today’s product updates further support which small and micro businesses will benefit from its provision of  tools and insights needed to maintain and grow meaningful and high-value relationships with their customers in a challenging economic environment.


He said, “Small businesses faces challenges in choosing the right technology for managing their customer-facing operations because of constraints related to time, cost, and software implementation”.


“Bigin is the only solution that brings together all customer operations like sales, onboarding, delivery, training, advocacy, and more into an intuitive interface that takes only 30 minutes to deploy.


“By bringing together all the facets of customer operations into a single view, Bigin allows small businesses to have a more accurate understanding of the customer’s journey. These insights help them attract and retain customers, ultimately growing the business.


“The fast-growing adoption of Bigin shows the expanding appetite of small businesses who want and need CRM technology suited to their particular needs, helping them move beyond old-school spreadsheets”.


In conclusion, he maintained that, since Bigin’s launch in 2020, it has stood out as a robust, easy-to-use, and welcoming CRM solution and thanks to its 30-minute set up promise. Bigin has seen a revenue growth of 161% in 2022 in Nigeria, indicating the revenue has doubled compared to 2021.


Zoho also went further to explain that it was observed that around 65% of Bigin’s global customers have never used a CRM previously, which makes an ideal choice for business owners who are looking for alternative move away from spreadsheets.


When they outgrow Bigin, Zoho also offers them an easy migration to its full-fledged CRM solution which Bigin has now a boast of 20,000 customers and continues to help small and micro businesses manage all of their customer-facing operations within a unified platform.


Oluwadare went further to also enlist some of the Bigin’s latest version which includes the introduction of Team Pipelines, which allow customer-facing teams to manage their distinctive operations using a set of pipelines and sub-pipelines within a single Bigin account. Competitive offerings often cater only to a single function — like sales — whereas Bigin is an efficient solution for all customer-facing teams. New features compile customer operations into one place, and enable tighter alignment and collaboration between individuals and teams without compromising the simplicity that makes Bigin stand out.


At the end, Zoho Corporation also listed some of their Key Product Updates


●      Team Pipelines: This feature connects and streamlines various customer operations in one place, offering small businesses an easy way to manage their day-to-day processes and a single source of truth for analyzing customer data.


●      Connected Pipelines: Automates the flow of customer data across processes, improving the customer experience and saving time on manual data entry.


●      Toppings: Additional functionality and third-party integrations can be added to address specific business needs. Examples include the ‘Email-In’ topping which maps emails to customer records and the ‘File Cabinet’ topping which automates file collection and management.


●      Mobile Capabilities: Zoho is providing new features across all platforms, including iOS, iPadOS, Android, and macOS and has added a new feature called Dynamic Display which allows users to customize the appearance of records in their pipelines. Bigin also recently updated its apps for the Apple’s iOS16 and Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 launches, where it was an exclusive launch partner.


●      Developer Center: Bigin has opened its developer platform to a network of global app developers and partners who can create custom solutions for unique business needs. With various tools and components like custom fields, buttons, links, widgets, related lists, and REST APIs, developers can create new Toppings and monetise them in the Bigin Marketplace.







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