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BOLA AHMED TINUBU, Nigeria’s President-Elect won the most controversial election since 1999, some say in the history of the country.


It is nothing new that Atiku Abubakar and Peter Obi are contesting Tinubu’s victory. Apart from Goodluck Jonathan who accepted defeat as a sitting president, every key opposition candidate, including incumbent President Mohammadu, Buhari has rejected the results of the presidential elections.



All presidential candidates except Jonathan went from tribunal to Supreme Court to dispute their loss in presidential elections.


Tinubu has spoken and given his acceptance speech. My advice to all parties aggrieved is to approach the court if they so desire. No amount of anger being expressed by the aggrieved will resolve the election grievances of the presidential election.


No amount of petitions to Western organizations and countries will resolve the election grievances. The Western countries are not interested in Nigeria’s democracy. The West’s interests are focused on economic benefits and their countries’ well-being. Do they care about Africa and Nigeria? Of course, not.


I warn all Nigerians, irrespective of parties to desist from violence and approach the court to address their grievances over the polls. People do have the right to question the elections, but that right must be exercised lawfully.


For Tinubu who has been officially declared by INEC as president-elect, he must calm the tension in the country when sworn in on May 29, 2023. Tinubu said he has heard the youth agitations clearly and soundly. He is in the driver’s seat now and this will be his administration from May 29, 2023.


Tinubu will drive Nigeria as of May 29, 2023. No person placed a gun on Tinubu’s head to seek to be elected president on 25 February 2023. So it’s Tinubu’s responsibility not to give excuses like Buhari. The economy is poorer and poorer than Buhari met it. Every sector has failed under Buhari’s administration hence the anger of the Nigerian youths and people.


What the Nigerian youths and people are demanding is good governance that will make our youths from migrating in droves from Nigeria to foreign countries. What Nigerian youths and the downtrodden masses need is sustainable development, economic growth, and a secured country free from kidnapping, Fulani herdsmen attacks, Boko Haram insurgency, unknown gunmen attacks, robbery, and joblessness.


Nigeria if properly governed is richer than any country in the advanced western countries. Tinubu has spoken well in his acceptance speech which is the tradition of every Nigerian politician that is elected to govern.


I still recollect President Buhari’s first speech on the day he was sworn in that he was for nobody and for everybody. Within a few months, he was for a few persons known as a cabal and one-sided appointment of his Fulani tribe men.


We know some of his party men sacrificed their time, money, and energy to see that he was elected, but good governance must be Tinubu’s priority. Good governance will discourage vote buying. Good governance will speak for itself and will promote development. Good governance will make those elected deliver.


Good governance will bring accountability. Nigeria of today lacks good governance. Good governance will reduce crime to the barest minimum, and eradicate or reduce tribalism, nepotism, and financial crimes. Delta state is suffering in the midst of plenty because it lacks good governance.


First, Tinubu should know the era of misleading the downtrodden masses is gone and over. Tinubu must know that he has no option but to deliver. The era of wasteful administrations is over. I don’t think the Nigerian youths and downtrodden masses will hate Tinubu if he delivers on his campaign promises that will usher in sustainable development.


Governance is not a private business. It is only about fixing Nigeria. No Nigerian youth is interested in sweet speeches and oratory. If Tinubu fixes the economy he will be admired by the youth and the downtrodden masses. Tinubu always talks about internally generated revenue, but that is not good governance, especially if it means choking the people with overbearing taxes.


Nigeria has more than enough, but it goes into private pockets. Tinubu cannot just tax individuals and companies recklessly. Nigeria has more than enough to fix Nigeria. Most of them wearing agbada, babariga, adagba, designer clothes, shoes, and robes in Abuja and at government houses across the nation are rogues.


All these mansions and exotic cars owned by politicians are bought with our collective wealth. Most of them taking chieftaincy and honorary titles are public rogues. Tinubu must fix and close all these loopholes and gaps. Tinubu must be accountable to the Nigerians that elected him.


The best reconciliation is to fix Nigeria and eradicate poverty to improve on the economy and make our Nigerian naira gain value that can compete with the British pound and US dollar in global markets.


Tinubu has been given the opportunity as elected president from May 29, 2023, to provide good governance. There is no dilly-dallying about it. Tinubu is the one that will preside over Nigeria for four years. Good or bad outputs will depend on him.


It is his responsibility to sincerely perform to fix Nigeria which is long overdue for a revival. No foreigner can fix Nigeria. It is his responsibility as president from May 29 to fix Nigeria’s economy.


In discharging that responsibility, he must not see his victory as Oduduwa’s administration. A victory for all Nigerians and not a section of Nigeria or a victory for his Yoruba nation.


For him to be seen as national president he should see that the WARRI PORT is revamped for optimum utilization.


As it is today the only ports that are functioning are Tin Can and Apapa ports in Lagos. Such a country won’t attain growth if Lagos is the only viable city in Nigeria. He should ensure that WARRI, SAPELE, PORT-HARCOURT, and CALABAR PORTS are fully developed and functional within a few months of his administration at the center.


He should not make Nigerians that elected him to regret just as they regretted electing Buhari who brought untold hardships to Nigerians.



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