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No matter how good the type of government we practice in Nigeria, it will be difficult to build a Productive nation as long as its citizens have immoral attitudes as identified by experts.


Nigerians are too passionate about their religious faiths. An overwhelming number of Nigerians are more interested in going to heaven than making their country a better place. Indeed many would burn Nigeria down to the ground just because they believe it will facilitate them going to heaven. Of course many don’t practice the teachings of their religion.



Nigerians are too closely attached to their ethnic groups and traditional rulers.


Nigerians love entertainment and merriment to an abnormal level. We invest money in parties, ceremonies that should be contributed to cooperative societies to create jobs.


Nigerians hate being called just plain ‘Mr or Mrs’. No other people in the world love amassing titles like Nigerians. Nigerians spend all our hard earned money on titles and awards that have no contribution to economic growth. Nigeria is the only country in the world people are addressed as Chief, Double Chief, Triple Chief Alhaji, Barr, Surv, Pharm, Engr, CP, Major-general, brigadier-general, col, Lt Col, Major, Captain, AIG, DIG, Ambassador, Deacon, Deaconess, name it.


Our misguided orientation has led us to believe that how much material wealth you have is a measure of your worth.


We Nigerians believe that public transport is for the poor.


Erroneously, Nigerians believe that the federal, state and local governments have the capacity to solve all of society’s socio-economic problems.


Probably most destructive of all is the fact that we like high-end products, yet produce none of these goods ourselves. Nigerians, shamelessly import all their consumer goods happily. It is shameful that Nigeria imports refined fuels and crude oil as a major oil and gas producing country.


Nigerian elites and common people like sycophancy.


Nigerians appreciate the value of education more than creativity, innovation and critical thinking. However, this means they disrespect people who didn’t attend university irrespective of what skills and talents they possess.


Nigerians think going into politics is to loot public treasuries.


Nigerians do not want to take responsibility for their action or inaction. They blame everyone else but themselves. They do not believe that they should take the lead in making the country a better place.


Most Nigerians believe in begging. They beg and beg and beg other people to take responsibility that is purely theirs.


Critical thinking, creativeness and innovation are required to build a nation in this 21st century.


We Mobilize Others To Fight For Individual Causes As If Those Were Our Causes!

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