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Femi Fani-Kayode is never my friend and I have always criticized him for some of his utterances. He made this recent statement through his Twitter handle and I am fully in agreement with him no matter what any person says.

Fani-Kayode said, “Americans killed Osama Bin Ladin, Abubakar Al Baghdad and now Ayman Al Zawahiri. Kudos!


“In Nigeria, we do not kill terrorists. We beg them, appease them, bow before them, give them chieftaincy titles and let them break into prisons to free their brothers.”

This is the truth, nothing but the truth. President Mohammadu Buhari has goofed and has refused to resign since he is not capable to govern Nigeria. Because Buhari has refused to do the right thing, many Nigerians read many meanings to it and they are right.

When he was elected president the first achievement he made for himself and his Fulani brothers was, to throw Nigeria’s borders open to all Fulani people in Africa. Since then the country’s insecurity has doubled in intensity.

Surprisingly, Buhari up till this moment has not branded Boko Haram and the Fulani bandits terrorists. Every time we hear him say Nigeria will seek the assistance of advanced countries to tackle terrorism in Nigeria.

Millions of Dollars have been allocated to the military to buy all sorts of modern weapons but they are not used to tackle terrorism in Nigeria. It is also alleged that there are Boko Haram/Bandits in the Nigerian military and other security forces.

Buhari doesn’t bother if the entire country is in flames. The same Fulani people Buhari wants every state governor to allocate land to rear their cattle. Cattle rearing is a private business so whoever wants to invest should buy his land and not force every state governor to donate land to them to rear cattle.

Is it not shameful that Kuje Prisons was attacked by his Boko Haram and Fulani bandits and no one is brought to book? The US doesn’t romance with terrorists hence they are eliminated if they are found/caught. Here in Nigeria, Fulani terrorists are stage-managed to freedom so that they can attack and kill more innocent people.

Every sane Nigerian is tired of Buhari’s led administration because he has destroyed the entire sector. The Naira has become worthless papers that can’t buy goods and services. Lawlessness everywhere. Nigeria is governmentless at the moment.


Buhari has divided the country more and more and rendered Nigeria meaningless in the eyes of the international community. No one placed a gun on Buhari’s head to seek to be elected. It is also believed that Buhari sought to be elected president to act his script which is the deliberate move to Fulanised Nigeria and grab lands.

His bill of taking over all waterfronts in Nigeria is one of his agendas. Constructing railways to connect Fulani people in the Niger Republic is also on his agenda. His body language is very glaring of Fulanization agenda.

I know some Fulani elites who are very good and decent people, Engr Abdullah Bukar from Daura, for example. Bukar was a former Shell General Manager of Surface Engineering, and Alhaji Sidi Bage, the present Emir of Lafia.

I don’t know why Buhari’s wife and children can’t advise him to keep to his campaign promises. At least his children were educated in the United Kingdom and should know what good governance is all about because they enjoy good things and good governance in a society.

I think Buhari should concentrate on tackling the insecurity and improve the value of the naira which has fallen below expectations.

I am surprised Buhari has not sacked all security Chiefs, GOCs, Commanding Officers (COs) of Battalions/Cantonments/Military Bases, etc, and replaced them with military officers from the Lower Middle Belt and Southern Nigeria. The core Northern military officers are colluding with the terrorists hence they have not put an end to the killings and kidnappings.

Buhari’s refusal to sack them and replace them with military officers from the Lower Middle Belt and Southern Nigeria is seen as a deliberate action for the Fulanization of Nigeria. The unrestrained killings in Plateau and all parts of Nigeria are worrisome and should bother Buhari as the Commander-In-Chief, but this is not the case.

I don’t know why the National Assembly Representatives/Senators are still comfortable with all this. They keep talking on the floor of the National Assembly without action taken to compel Buhari to live up to his role as Commander-In-Chief.

Every day, we hear of Fulani people taking over farmlands that don’t belong to them from the natives in Plateau and neighbouring states of the Lower Middle Belt. A few years ago, Theophilus Danjuma warned the Locals of Taraba State to defend selves against Killer Boko Haram/Bandits since the Nigerian military can’t protect them from harm. The situation has gone out of control already.

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