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It is hard not to lose one’s emotions over Sen Emmanuel Edesiri Aguariavwodo propensity to make fools of self in the Delta state political space.


After shamelessly being a boot-licker and briefcase carrier for his political contemporary, Dr Ifeanyi Okowa, in his time as governor, in the garb of a Senior Special Adviser (SSA) to Okowa, it is hard to find the words to describe the shame I feel that Aguariavwodo has also accepted to be same errand boy and bell-ringer to Governor Sheriff Oborevwori.



It is the height of shame, disgrace to his personality, family, Okpare Town, Olomu Kingdom/Clan and Urhobo nation that a man who rose so high at the peak of his political career would, compelled by stomach infrastructure, beg to be messenger to an opportunistic governor who couldn’t have been Personal Assistant to Aguariavwodo in his active days in politics.


When he did it with Okowa I had personally conveyed my heartfelt shame to Aguariavwodo. For crying out loud, here was a man who was a Reps member, then Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of NDDC, a huge office he foolishly gave up to pursue a guber ambition that failed from the beginning.


He then became Chairman of, Niger-Delta River Basin Development Authority, then a Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Of a sudden, having been retired politically by sheer self-destruct, Aguariavwodo now begs to be SSA to Governor Okowa who was his colleague at the Senate.


How so hungry is Aguariavwodo that the self ridicule would degenerate to him further begging to be errand boy to Sheriff? Why shouldn’t

Aguariavwodo recommend his front for the offer of SSA by Sheriff while he remains in the background among Delta PDP elders and opinion leaders. Why pursuing beggarly appointments here and there?


Aguariavwodo should defy the hunger and greed pushing him to ridicule self. It is only honourable to quit the stage for younger people to take these compassionate engagements into patronage, redundant political offices? What will Aguariavwodo be advising Sheriff on that his adult children, cousins, nephews, nieces and hangers on can’t do if he recommends them to take the office?


Even if Aguariavwodo is so broke that he can’t survive outside government net, must he hold beggarly positions to hang on? Today, unlettered Chief John Oguma is the Political Leader Aguariavwodo and other informed PDP elders in Ughelli South worship and take instructions from in the party politics. Has Oguma taken any political appointment to remain relevant in the state?


Can’t Aguariavwodo family and community people advise him to wise up and grow up above this appetite for petty state government appointments? I won’t be disturbed if Aguariavwodo was lobbying for federal appointments.


“No be ‘iphovwen’ be that”. ‘Aguariavwodo no dey shame. Him family and Okpare people no dey shame for am? ‘


Imagine some useless sycophants praising Sheriff and congratulating Sen Emmanuel Aguariavwodo for such petty appointment.


‘Notin person no go see for Delta state under PDP.’


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