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If politicians provide good and transparent leadership, including the conduct of credible elections and don’t bribe judges to corrupt or pervert justice, then democracy and rule of law can be sustainable in Africa.


Economic and political instability in Africa and Nigeria is caused by the politicians, and judges. Since 1999, judges have rendered themselves available to be used by politicians and power brokers to derail justice in the fight for political power.



The wave of coups d’état spreading in Africa is caused by the politicians, and judges. The judges at all levels have become willing tools for national destruction particularly in Nigeria. They are shameless, including their families who ought to advise them to stay away from bribery.


Money that ought to be used for building infrastructure is used to bribe judges. The senior lawyers (SANs) are also to be blamed for running errands for politicians as the middlemen connecting judges to the politicians.


Even the so-called politicians who are now complaining of corrupt judges and injustice have at one time bribed same judges. When judgment is against them they complain but if judgment is in their favour they rejoice and hail the judiciary and judgments of these supposed judges who had collected bribes from them.


It is getting close to when politicians and judges will be stoned in public. Bad governance will be eradicated if only the nation’s judiciary is manned by transparent and credible judges.


The truth remained that if you don’t offer bribe no one will collect. As said by Elder G.P Gbogidi when he was alive,” I don’t give and I don’t take”. If politicians don’t offer bribes to the judges they won’t take in the first instance.”


As for judges, no one forced them to apply to become judges and there shouldn’t be excuses to collect bribes from politicians.

If the judges are upright the country will develop. The politicians and the judges should be held responsible for the underdevelopment and economic crises in Nigeria.


The judges must set standards for rule of law and not breaking rules of law with technicalities manufactured by them to justify their alleged interests. A friend said,” There will always be military rule in Africa for as long as our politicians and jurists are corrupt”.

Another friend said, “Congratulations Nigerians. You can now steal and say it was not intentional.”


Another comic photo of a man who was caught with fowl in his pants also depicted the Nigerian situation. The content picture of a court during hearing where the prosecutor said, “Your Lordship, this is the picture (of the man with fowl tucked in his groins but the legs sticking out) as evidence that the man stole fowl.”


The judges ruled: “You stated that the evidence is in the picture. You didn’t mention the date of birth of the fowl and where the fowl was born. So your claim lacks merit.”

The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth is that no country can thrive in absence of honest and transparent judges in the 21st century.


Nigeria has no judiciary since 1999 as far as Nigerian judges rendered themselves to politicians to be bribed. In the past, you hardly see sitting and retired judges in social gatherings but here in Nigeria they are in the front rows of social events drinking and winning with corrupt politicians and those who could afford to bribe them.


All Nigerian politicians are allegedly guilty of bribing the judges if not now, then in the past. No Nigerian politician has reason to complain about corrupt judges. No senior lawyer particularly the SANs have audacity to complain about corrupt judges.


The Nigerian politicians, senior lawyers (SANs) and judges who colluded against the wish of the Nigerians should keep quiet and live in shame for dragging Nigeria backward. Those complaining about the corrupt judges have no moral justification to condemn the judges.


There is always high level conspiracy between judges, politicians and some senior lawyers (SANs) on election matters and weighty cases they consider important. The politicians, most successful senior lawyers (SANs) and judges are guilty of the alleged judicial corruption in my opinion.


Security operatives including police, military, are part of the shoddy elections. They aid politicians to rig elections. The military, police, DSS and all other security operatives take active parts in the elections malpractices/rigging that are being disputed in elections tribunals and courts.


Without involvement of police, military, DSS, there will be credible elections. Even if INEC’s officials are bribed then what of the roles of the military, police and DSS who were at the polling units to arrest those who wanted to bribe electorates?


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