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Nigerian politicians have turned governance into a family dynasty of father to son or daughter succession in leadership power sharing. These shameless politicians have lost human conscience.


If their children were in governance on merit I won’t be bothered to write this. They are in govt, at all levels, based on favouritism. All parents want their children to grow to become greater than them but in this case, they are using stolen loots and government connections to project their children to corruptly take over from them.



Just look at the commissioners appointed by Governor Sherriff Francis Oborevwori of Delta State. You will see that most have never developed or been identified with any career or worked to get the relevant knowledge and skills to manage government departments.


Like father like son, they see the government as a business place to make personal wealth. They don’t even know why they are in government. They are placed there by their parents. Their children, like their fathers, don’t know shame.


I am not envious of them one bit but I feel pained that Nigeria will remain stagnant for a long time when even the shortchanged citizenry cheer these former officeholders and their associates in private sector reserving same public offices exclusive for their children.


Agofure is a road transporter and his son is now Commissioner for Transport. Transportation is not just about buses to drive from one city to another city in Nigeria but Sherriff and his people think transportation is to own motor parks and buses.


I hear them having ministry of oil and gas and wonder what duty will that ministry have since oil and gas matters are not within the ambit of the state governments.


I can’t find any experienced person in the said ministries and government departments. They are just there to recieve salaries and drive round town as big boys.


Few years ago I saw the video of Lee Kuan Yew of Singapore when he spoke about happiness. He said happiness is not the amount of money and power you have.


In the short video interview titled ‘WHERE DO YOU FIND HAPPINESS’, the unforgettable Singapore exceptional leader said, “Everybody wants to be happy. Every human being wants to be happy. Then the question is, where do you find happiness?


“Some people think that happiness is having more money, having more power, and having more control over things. But we will discover that those things are far from contributing to your happiness. It might make you unhappy.


“If you’re over obsessed with those things then you discover that happiness does not come from centeredness. Caring for others, doing things to help others is happiness. I derive construed happiness from my job at GIC. I realised that I’m contributing to the welfare of Singaporeans.


“So whatever you do you say to yourself, how can I contribute to the happiness of another person? There is a saying that ‘happiness cannot be pursued, it must ensue’.


“Acts of kindness or acts of generosity expand your being. Once you expand your being, you feel good, happy. But when you are self-centered you contract into yourself, your ego, your self-centeredness.


“So I think gradually people have got to discover from their life experience, being kind to others, and being concerned about the welfare of others contribute to your happiness. That is something which people have got to go through life experience to understand.”


Lee Kuan Yew (LKY) was the founding prime minister of Singapore that laid the development foundation of the modern Singapore. He was the great world leader of all times.


Most of the appointees as Delta commissioners were appointed to represent interest of their parents.

There is nothing wrong if their children are appointed on merit and have the required potentials to think deep and serve the state. What I see is all paddy paddy patronage.


Lee Kuan Yew will forever be remembered and studied for his rich ideas. I don’t see anything as achievement for Uduaghan to be happy because his daughter is appointed commissioner by Sheriff.


His daughter must have enjoyed his father’s cousin (James Ibori) favour while he (Ibori) was Delta governor for 8 years. Uduaghan was commissioner of health and Secretary to State Government under Ibori for 8 years before succeeding Ibori as governor for 8 years with his wife as first lady.


So what is the happiness here? For 16 years her (Uduaghan’s daughter) father was active in Delta government. Tilije, retained Finance Commissioner was introduced to Delta politics through Ogboru as his guber running mate before he decamped to PDP and since then he has been in government.


Sherriff’s administration is an extension of Okowa’s. All of them in Delta government are professional politicians. Okowa has elevated his daughter like what others have done. James Manager after losing guber ticket has elevated his son to the rank and title of a Delta commissioner.


The problem is our people who refuse to reject these shameless politicians and self imposed leaders. They now introduce their children to continue further the looting culture.


To them happiness is steal from the people and making their families have more money and power to lord it over the people, quite contrary to Lee Kuan Yew(LKY) of Singapore who derived joy in the well being of others.



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