World Kidney Day: Beware Of Food Intake, Medical Association Warns

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The Association of Nigerian Private Medical Practitioners, Ogun state chapter, has urged Nigerians to be more hygienic and careful of the food they consume.

The Association made the appeal as part of celebration of World Kidney Day on Thursday, with the theme, ‘Bridge the knowledge gap to better kidney health”.


The state chairman of the association, Rabiu Kusimo said this in a statement issued on Thursday, in Abeokuta, the state capital.

Kusimo cautioned Nigerians that to avert kidney disease, they should be more conscious of their food intakes.

The medical expert noted that the kidney contributes to normal health by removing waste products from the body, balancing body’s fluid, releasing hormones that regulate blood pressure, and producing an active form of vitamin D that promotes strong and healthy bones.

He said, “There are many people all over the world suffering from one form of kidney disease or another. It is important for every person to take responsibility for their health by taking deliberate care about what they eat, drink or even get exposed to their environment.

“Our intakes have a way of passing through the kidneys as products of metabolism and such products may injure the soft tissues of the kidneys if they are harmful, as such, individuals should take note and report any abnormal feelings in any part of their body early to the health care providers to get necessary attention and advice before it is too late.”

The doctor, however, advised people to be more mindful of what they consume as the kidney was a vital and sensitive organ.

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