World Bank Advises Nigeria To Convert ‘Japa’ Syndrome For Economic Development

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The World Bank, yesterday, called on Nigeria to adopt measures that will enhance the economic benefits  of the increasing wave of people migrating out of the country, popularly referred to as ‘Japa’  Syndrome.


Making this recommendation in a report titled,  “World Development Report 2023: Migrants, Refugees, and Societies”, the World Bank said that Nigeria and other ‘Origin Countries’ should make labour migration an explicit part of their development strategy.



“Origin countries should actively manage migration for development.


“They should make labour migration an explicit part of their development strategy,” the World Bank said.


Speaking on measures that will help Nigeria and ‘Origin Countries’  enhance economic benefits of migration, the World Bank said: “They should lower remittance costs, facilitate knowledge transfers from their diaspora, build skills in high demand globally, mitigate the adverse effects of “brain drain,” protect their nationals while abroad, and support them upon return.


“Destination countries should encourage migration where the skills migrants bring are in high demand, facilitate their inclusion, and address social impacts that raise concerns among their citizens.


“They should let refugees move, get jobs, and access national services wherever they are available.


“International cooperation is essential to make migration a strong force for development.


“Bilateral cooperation can strengthen the match of migrants’ skills with the needs of destination societies.”


Among other things, the World Bank report underscores the urgency of managing migration better.


“The goal of policymakers should be to strengthen the match of migrants’ skills with the demand in destination societies, while protecting refugees and reducing the need for distressed movements.


“The report provides a framework for policymakers on how to do this,” the report said.


Commenting, World Bank Senior Managing Director, Axel van Trotsenburg, said: “Migration can be a powerful force for prosperity and development.


“When it is managed properly, it provides benefits for all people — in origin and destination societies.”



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