VIDEO: “WongBox Flashes Back On The State Of The Nation, Using Delta And Lagos State In Particular”.

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Written by Comrade Victor Ojei popularly called Wong Box WhatsApp us via 08038785262


…see video to clear your doubt????


In a recent video flashback, Comrade Victor Ojei, popularly known as Wongbox, shared his views on the political landscape of Nigeria, specifically focusing on the former governor of Lagos State, President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, and the immediate past Governor of Delta State, Governor Ifeanyi A. Okowa. Wongbox’s reflections shed light on the perception of Nigerians regarding the alleged corruption of Tinubu and the lack of productive investments by politicians in Delta State.


According to Wongbox, many Nigerians consider the past governor of Lagos State, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, to be one of the most corrupt politicians in the country. However, Wongbox challenges this perception and urges the youth to consider Tinubu’s accomplishments. He argues that if Delta State had a leader like Tinubu, who invested his resources and efforts in Lagos State, the state would have witnessed significant development and progress.


In contrast, Wongbox criticizes the politicians of Delta State, claiming that they have failed to make useful investments in the state. He highlights the absence of farms, manufacturing industries, and quality hotels, while lamenting the existence of moribund industries that lack maintenance and creativity. According to Wongbox, the politicians in Delta State only focus on reaping personal benefits from the state, neglecting the needs and aspirations of the people and failing to provide hope for the future.


As a Human Rights Activist, Wongbox categorically insists that the politicians in Delta State view politics solely as a means of livelihood, which perpetuates a damaging cycle and sets a wrong path for the youth of this generation. He believes that Delta State needs leaders who can invest in its future and prioritize the welfare of its people, similar to what Tinubu has done in Lagos State.


Wongbox praises Tinubu’s achievements in Lagos State, particularly his ability to build a bridge in politics that transcends tribal divisions. He commends the solid foundation Tinubu has laid, which has allowed subsequent Governors like Fashola, Ambode, and the current Governor Sanwo-Olu to maintain and build upon the dividends of democracy in Lagos State.


Wongbox acknowledges that Governor Okowa, the immediate past governor of Delta State, has made some progress, even if it may not be readily visible. He believes Okowa has performed better than previous Governors.


However, Wongbox emphasizes the need for Delta State to produce an intelligent and selfless politician like Tinubu. Such a leader, he argues, would provide opportunities for non-indigenes, promote unity, and bring about the kind of development and prosperity currently enjoyed by Lagos and Anambra States.


As a Civil Society Leader and Human Rights Activist, Wongbox sees it as his duty to criticize governance and strive for improvement. While he acknowledges Okowa’s efforts, he urges Deltans to pray for the emergence of a visionary leader who can transform the state and bring it on par with the progress witnessed in other regions of the country.


In conclusion, Wongbox’s reflections on the political landscape of Nigeria, with a focus on Lagos State and Delta State, shed light on the need for selfless and intelligent politicians who prioritize development and unity. He highlights the accomplishments of Tinubu in Lagos State and calls for similar leadership in Delta State to ensure that the state experiences the prosperity and progress seen elsewhere in the country. Wongbox’s insights serve as a reminder of the importance of visionary leadership and the impact it can have on the growth and well-being of a state and its people.

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