US NCDC Donates Lab Equipment to Nigeria’s NCDC to Control of Disease Outbreaks…details

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The United States government, through its Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, donates laboratory equipment to the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) in Abuja, aimed at bolstering Nigeria’s disease outbreak response capabilities.


Dr. Farah Husain, CDC Programme Director, underscored the U.S.’s commitment to supporting Nigeria in addressing disease challenges, citing ongoing outbreaks like Lassa fever and meningitis.



The donated equipment, including biosafety cabinets and personal protective gear, will enhance Nigeria’s laboratory capacity and aid in rapid outbreak detection and response.


NCDC Director-General, Dr. Jide Idris, expressed gratitude, highlighting the importance of collaboration in strengthening health systems and ensuring health security.


He stressed the need for partnerships, both domestically and internationally, in tackling disease outbreaks effectively.


The donation accentuates the shared commitment between the U.S. and Nigeria in providing healthcare and promoting global health security.



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