US Gives Strong Option To Tiktok Ceo Or Face Lawmakers As Ban Awaits 

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Recently, the chief executive officer of TikTok, Shou Zi Chew is to battle US Lawmakers on maintaining its popular fun video sharing app on Thursday as he faces skeptical Washington lawmakers over the company’s alleged ties with Chinese government.


It is gathered that the 40 years old Singaporean will have to address the Powerful House Energy and Commerce committee at 11:00am (1400 GMT) and defend its company not minding the grilling of both the Democrat and Republican who feels that Beijing might convert the site to spy or promote propaganda.



However, it was noted that, Tiktok which is owned by a Chinese company ByteDance is under immense pressure accross Western countries, with government officials in United States, at the EU Commission, as well as the UK, and Canada forced to delete the app from their devices.


Even the BBC on Tuesday has also madated its staffs to delete app from their phones.


Tiktok has this strong threat from United States Where the administration of the president, Joe Biden has set an ultimatum that company either dumps its Chinese Ownership or face outright ban.


It is also possible that this ban which will be unprecedented act on a media by the US government, will cutt off monthly 150 million users in the country from an application that has been a cultural powerhouse especially for the young people and the nations most viewed source of entertainment after Netflix.



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