Unveiling the Truth: Differentiating Genuine Activists From Corrupt Aggrandizers In Nigeria.

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By Comrade Victor Ojei (popularly called Wong Box)




In today’s interconnected world, social media has become a powerful platform for individuals to voice their opinions, raise awareness, and advocate for positive change. Activism, in particular, has found a new avenue for expression through social media, enabling activists to connect with a wider audience and bring attention to various social issues. However, not all activists are created equal. This article aims to expose and differentiate between self-genuine activists and aggrandizement activists in Nigeria, highlighting the stark contrasts in their ethical conduct and dedication to the cause.


The Deceptive Nature of Aggrandizement Activists:


Aggrandizement activists are individuals who exploit social media platforms to project an image of working for the betterment of society, while secretly engaging in corrupt practices and violating human rights. These individuals lack genuine empathy and use activism as a means to gain personal benefits, often neglecting the very principles they claim to uphold.


Violation of Human Rights:

One of the most glaring distinctions between genuine activists and aggrandizement activists lies in their respect for human rights. Genuine activists work tirelessly to protect and promote human rights, advocating for justice, equality, and dignity for all. However, aggrandizement activists reveal their true colors by frequently violating the rights of others. They may employ tactics such as harassment, intimidation, or manipulation to achieve their personal objectives, disregarding the very essence of activism.


Disrespect for Personal Relationships:

In addition to their violation of human rights on a broader scale, aggrandizement activists often fail to uphold the principles they preach within their personal relationships. Despite projecting an image of fighting for justice and equality, they may exhibit abusive behavior, such as violating the rights of their partners or neglecting their familial responsibilities. Such actions undermine the credibility of these individuals and highlight their insincerity.


Disinformation and Misinformation:

Genuine activists prioritize the dissemination of accurate information to educate the public and raise awareness about social issues. However, aggrandizement activists frequently engage in the spread of disinformation and misinformation. They selectively present one side of a story to manipulate public opinion and maintain a false narrative that aligns with their personal interests. This unethical behavior tarnishes the reputation of genuine activists and erodes public trust.


Differentiating Self-Genuine Activists:

Self-genuine activists, on the other hand, exemplify the true spirit of activism. They are driven by a genuine passion for justice, equality, and positive social change, consistently adhering to ethical standards and respecting the principles of activism.


Commitment to Human Rights:

Self-genuine activists demonstrate an unwavering commitment to upholding human rights. They actively engage in activities that protect and promote the rights of individuals, regardless of their social status, ethnicity, or gender. Their actions are characterized by fairness, empathy, and inclusivity, focusing on addressing systemic issues rather than personal gain.


Consistency in Personal Conduct:

Unlike aggrandizement activists, self-genuine activists consistently display respect for personal relationships, honoring the rights and dignity of others in their personal lives. They understand that true change begins at home and strive to be role models in their communities. By practicing what they preach, they gain credibility and inspire others to join their cause.


Ethical Information Dissemination:

Self-genuine activists prioritize the dissemination of accurate and unbiased information. They make a conscious effort to present multiple perspectives, enabling the public to form well-rounded opinions. By maintaining transparency and providing factual information, they foster informed discussions and contribute to a more balanced society._



The emergence of social media has undoubtedly provided a platform for individuals to express their views and engage in activism. However, it is essential to be concious of the facts that genuine and fake Activists exist in the society. We should all learn to look before we leap physically.

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