“The Opposition’s Duty of Care: Moving Beyond Hatred to Foster Progress in Nigeria”

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By Comrade Victor Ojei popularly called Wong Box Feel free to contact us via WhatsApp 08038785262.


In Nigeria’s political landscape, the role of the opposition has often been associated with bitterness, attacks, and a relentless desire to discredit the ruling party. However, it is essential to recognize that effective opposition is not solely about spreading hatred or launching constant attacks. Comrade Victor Ojei, popularly known as Wong Box, emphasizes that the opposition should embrace a duty of care towards the nation. By engaging in constructive criticism and holding the ruling party accountable, the opposition can help steer Nigeria on the path of progress, while upholding the principles of due process, transparency, accountability, and fairness enshrined in the constitution.



A Shift in Perspective:
Historically, Nigeria has witnessed a confrontational relationship between the ruling party and the opposition, often characterized by acrimonious debates, personal attacks, and a lack of focus on the nation’s development. However, it is time to change this narrative. Wong Box believes that the opposition’s primary concern should be the state of the nation, rather than personal vendettas or partisan interests. By reframing their role as one of guardianship and constructive engagement, the opposition can create a more inclusive and democratic political environment.


Knocking the Ruling Party for Progress:
Opposition parties have an important responsibility to critique the ruling party. Constructive criticism is not an act of animosity, but a means to ensure that the government remains accountable and aligned with the needs of the people. Just as a vigilant referee ensures fair play in a game, the opposition’s role is to question policies, actions, and decisions of the ruling party. This process helps to identify gaps, rectify errors, and maintain the government’s focus on the welfare of the nation.


Knowledge versus Opinion:
In the realm of politics, it is crucial to distinguish between knowledge and opinion. Knowledge is grounded in facts, research, and a comprehensive understanding of the issues at hand. Opinion, on the other hand, can be subjective and biased. Wong Box encourages the opposition to base their criticisms on well-reasoned arguments and evidence. By offering informed perspectives and alternative solutions, the opposition can contribute to the development of sound policies and governance.


Pari Passu for Progress:
To achieve progress in Nigeria, it is essential for the ruling party and the opposition to work in harmony. Wong Box advocates for a “pari passu” approach, where both sides operate side by side, focusing on the nation’s advancement rather than engaging in constant conflicts. This cooperative approach fosters healthy competition, encourages innovation, and ensures that the government remains accountable to the people.


Advocating for Due Process and Fairness:
The 1999 constitution, as amended, provides a framework that upholds due process, accountability, transparency, and the right to fairness. The opposition has a crucial role in safeguarding these constitutional principles. By advocating for adherence to the rule of law, the opposition can ensure that the government operates within the confines of the constitution and protects the rights and interests of all citizens.


Comrade Victor Ojei, popularly known as Wong Box, highlights the need for a shift in the opposition’s approach towards the ruling party. While the opposition has traditionally been associated with hatred, attacks, and bitterness, it is time to embrace a duty of care towards Nigeria as a nation. By engaging in constructive criticism, promoting accountability, advocating for due process, transparency, and fairness, the opposition can play a vital role in guiding the ruling party on the path of progress. It is through collaboration and a focus on the nation’s well-being that Nigeria can achieve its true potential.

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