The Contract IV…Rated 18+

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….intriguing, very romantic & thrilling 


Written by Xexzy Amanda



…continued….After a moment, Jack decided we stroll to his room which I agreed as we play along to his room so he held me closely as we stroll up to his room where he lodged. I was astonished as the hotel rooms were so beautifully decorated in this matured colours, the bed so large that it can take more sleepy heads infact the lights are so sparkingly beautiful as it changes playing put both bright and dimed effects, that made it more colourful and romantic as I was still admiring the room decor, Jack just came back to the room dragging me to himself as he sits down on a wooden chair very close to the table, caressing my body while kissing my lips gently, the moment was so real as my entire body gets the romantic call, the feelings were so high that he drag so close, placing his fingers on my roses and I grabbed his JT so fast, strolling it over and over again while he moan very deeply and loud with his fingers strolling around my pants as if he want to touch down into my roses even as he kisses my nipples.


I couldn’t resist the soft warm touch but closed my eyes in ecstasy, moaning for more even as I tried removing his fingers from my thighs imagining what will be his next moves as he already have me sitting right on his legs with his body as warm as a duvet and his JT thudding hard on my body with excitement to have the real game on but I wasn’t ready for the deal and needed some time to weigh the options of the coming contract whether to my card or his card though it might still be for both so I decided to see the contract holding his hands, he stole a very fast kiss while holding my body as he stands to grab the contract to me.


(Smiling), I looked at his charming eyes and asked him to read the contract to me so I can meditate on it, he smiled saying, “it’s just a simple line of “Spend one week with me at a beach tour and earn some cool cash” so I begin to picture it all in my head as if it was already happening and he looked at me then hold me closely to his body with a fast kiss on my lips he pleaded for me to sign the Contract which I did then he carried me up then loud the music while asking me to with with him in a very romantic way, providing he will be gentle and sweet as we rock the music and that really blow my mind, such a gentle sweet man Jack is, can’t wait to spend those sweet days with him so he kissed me very deep with his hands caressing my body like never before.


Infact, I truly wanted to feel the moment but the game might actually play out for real as we keep dancing, smiling to our selves with excitement, he let his fingers on my hips thanking me for signing the contract then confirmed it will begin the next holiday. So I keep imagine what that day will turn out to be, he dragged me to the bed as we roll to and from on it with kisses and caressing the moment was so intriguing that we felt like having it all but he whispered to my ears saying, “am gonna save it for the real deal.




.…to be continued next weekend. TGIS


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