The Contract III…Rated 18+

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….intriguingly sweet & sexy 


Written by Xexzy Amanda 



…continued…He smiled again and swing the dance to the side holding my hips to his body from the back making me to face the crowd while whispering, “Lets sign the Contract” and every partner was astonished with a round of applauds, the entire hall halt their dance while whistling joyfully after which they all bow and shouted his name with lots of praises.


And I was amazed as he turns me around to face him with this lust in his eyes he kissed me, caressing my body like never before as I feel every beat of his heart and I had no choice than to kiss him as he carried me to the podium introducing me as the Angel of his life even as he held my hands and walked towards the dressing room and grabbed me to his body then kissing all over even as he preaches sweet words that makes me feel like grabbing a fast kiss from him but Jack is a smooth player, he know when, how and where to play the card.


Infact I cherish his smartness and charming nature as he throws his nest to the right side of the sea and that always earns him golden ones like me, Selina as I am a special brand, bold, beautiful, elegant and full of life so you can’t afford to miss a unique specie like Selina, I bet u!


Assurance and communication is one thing that makes relationship blossom, Jack is ever ready to deliver such beautiful features as I can see it in his heart through his eyes. Dancing all through made us need some corner to stand enjoy some flavours of wine and grilled fish while talking love which will trigger this beautiful romance for real.


Jack being this sweet guy want a real relationship that can yield better trust and love but am not sure yet if I wanna take it this far as I just met Jack and needed time to groom whatever is coming right now from him be it for real or for now!


But all I promise myself is to enjoy the moment as it plays, here comes the waiter who approaches Jack for a request so Jack whispered to my ears saying, “My Angel would you prefer a wine or champagne!” So I said red wine ofcourse, then the waiter went back to the bar and rushed back to serve immediately. We decided not to eat anything just drink with fruits till party gets over then we can go to a quiet restaurant to have a very delicious buffet.


After a moment, Jack decided we stroll to his room which I agreed as we play along to his room so he held me closely as we stroll up to his room where he lodged. I was astonished as the hotel rooms were so beautifully decorated in this matured colours, the bed so large that it can take more sleepy heads infact the lights are so sparkingly beautiful as it changes playing put both bright and dimed effects,  that made it more colourful and romantic as I was still admiring the room decor, Jack just came back to the room dragging me to himself as he sits down on a wooden chair very close to the table, caressing my body while kissing my lips gently, the moment was so real as my entire body gets the romantic call, the feelings were so high that he drag so close, placing his fingers on my roses and I grabbed his JT so fast, strolling it over and over again while he moan very deeply and loud with his fingers strolling around my pants as if he want to touch down into my roses even as he kisses my ni…


….to be continued next weekend. TGIS


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…we gat your weekend grooving!

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