The Contract II…Rated 18+

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….intriguingly sweet & thrilling 


Written by Xexzy Amanda 



The music got a little higher while the song changed too, so everyone was busy rocking the floor while we keep drinking as we dance and he whispered, “Don’t be scared anymore I am Phill, not harmful but fun to be with so relax and enjoy the moment”. So I took a deep breath then continued dancing and he asked again “what’s your name” so I answered, “Selina” so he smiled then hugged me very closely and kissed my lips again while moaning softly then whispered, “you are so soft and warm, I can hardly let go”.


Just as the dance was still on, the light got dimed and Phil held me closely whispering to my ear not to worry, “I will keep you safe” then I let his hands stroll through my body, all over my boobs and that tickles me but I maintained as if am the super woman from the moon giving some time to yield to the call but Phil was so relaxed, enjoying every beat as I watch him rock all the way. I could imagine the feelings running through his veins as if he want to have it right there without minding who and where but keep running his fingers through my body with his JT stretching very strolling all over seeking for attention and I can feel every moment with his body getting warmer as the music keep playing.


Interestingly, every partner is busy rocking it out nobody cares about another partner, having the fun as it comes so I had to relax and enjoy the moment as the romance here isn’t something one could avoid but enjoy it as it flows. I bet you Phil isn’t a learner but well equipped with the armour of love so I had to let him flow afterall there is no room for careless sex in here except you call a booking.

Everyone and activities are so matured that you can’t even hear any voice except for the whispers and moaning sensations until we dance close to partner who decided to be observing all my steps with Phil as we dance closer he smiled and keep observing my body lustfully I can imagine what that look entails as it was so charming to me as his smoky eyes keep running all over me till we jammed each other then the dance partner changed and every partner made a quick switch to the next partner closely and he hurridly grabbed me from Phil and whispered, “So sweet to have you in my arms now and I won’t let go anymore”.


So I looked back to search for Phil but he was nowhere to be found and he said, “You can’t see him anymore, he is mine and I am the host so relax, you are safe in my hands and I promise you sweet memories with me, I am Jack” so I smiled while we keep dancing after a while he just kissed my cheek and said, “I would like to make you an offer, good one not stressful but beneficial” so I nodded my head and said, “What is it like” so he halt the dance then whispered to my ears, “Spend a week with me in Miami beach and earn much yourself for a lifetime” so I asked again, “What is the offer like”.


He smiled again and swing the dance to the side holding my hips to his body from the back making me to face the crowd while whispering, “Lets sign the Contract” and every partner was astonished with a round of applauds, the entire hall halt their dance while whistling joyfully after which they all bow and shouted his name with lots of praises and I was amazed as he turns me around to face him with this lust in his eyes he kissed me, caressing my body like never before as I feel every beat of his heart and I had no choice than to kiss him as he carried me to the podium introducing me as the Angel of his life even as he held my hands and walked towards the dressing room and grabbed me to his bo…


….to be continued next weekend. TGIS

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