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Written by Xexzy Amanda 



Holidays are meant for resting because am gonna have one soon, taking out some time off the usual work days and you don’t think it is a bad idea if one works all months long and decide to take some few days off for fun or maybe keep the mind and body together even spending quality time with a very close pal, that’s my take on it and what of you?

I am Selina, pretty as ever but friends call me Princess maybe because of the beauty they saw in me but I assure you will call me more if you take a glance of me, you will be compelled to do so, so curvy, sweet pretty face and height.

After a long day work, I finally got approval for my leave to take a month off my work days at least rest from office daily hustle and bustling. So I am really glad for that then I decided to take a holiday trip off town all by myself, booked a good hotel where all facilities are avaliable infact enough fun for your girl.

Interestingly, there is going to be a ball tomorrow night which is the exact date of my arrival so I am excited as that will be a very interesting episode of my holiday even though I knew nobody in there but going as a free bird, no hazzles nor skin pain, no company yet so free.So I am gonna catch some real fun.

Dressed in my casual attaire, blue jeans and a flowered top just to be free from the stress of the day, with my white snickers I was perfectly eased for the tour.


I quickly hooked a cab and proceeded straight for the trip, having some road jams of traffic, the journey became a bit hectic so on approaching the town, I checked in straight to a very nice hotel in town.

On getting to my hotel room I picked some popcorn and fruits to keep myself busy while I order for some meal which could serve as lunch, if you must know I got myself some seafood, peppersoup with Chinese rice as it is still lunch that will not be too heavy for a meal as I still have opportunity to burn it off.

I quickly entered the shower then took a hot shower and went straight in to take my lunch and the fruits while watching some movie then my door bell rang and that was the room service handing over a card saying, “Ma’am for that’s the ball, do come down by exactly 10pm prompt at the hallway”.

So I gave a chuckle while saying, ‘thank you”.  I had to take some rest maybe a nap after consuming such delicious meal as the time was just 5:00pm so I undressed lay down on the couch while watching some movies in my room till around 9:00pm as as I woke up, I rushed to check the time but still have some free time before the ball party time.

So I just sat on the couch meditating on how the ball party will turn out whether interesting or captivating but I had a call from the hotel phone, a guy spoke to me saying the ball is gonna admit in one with the card so I need to come to the venue with the card so I try to figure out what the ball might be all about or if the party is been organised by a particular group but that’s none of business as it is my holiday time and I must enjoy this party so I nodded my head in astonishment while falling back on the couch to continue with my popcorn.

At exactly 10:48pm, I headed straight to the shower but before then I quickly brought out a befitting dress for the party, long silk brown dress with a black heely shoe as I check the card, the dress code was exactly same black with a red ribbon on the hair and a white broach pinned on the right side of the chest then a white wrist ban with a white painting tagged: “Queen Bee” with a red eye mask.

I didn’t bother my head to figure out what all these packaging might be but all I know is that no much harm as it was meant for both sex therefore security must be avaliablly strong.

So I moved straight down to the lobby then one of the ushers also dressed on black dress walked up to me then ushered me into the ball party hall, handing me over to a male participant, noticeably, all the male are in black putting on white ties then a blue eye mask with a white wrist band tagged: “King bee” which matches mine so we headed right inside the hallway with this soft music coming from the main hall, you could sense this party isn’t meant for learners or wannabees but for a particular class of people most likely the wealthy ones, billionaires whom time are choked but created activities like this to ease their nerves.

So I think am even very lucky to be part of this tonight, made it with my faceless partner as he will be guiding me all throughout the party, my companion got real so we proceeded to grab some glasses of champagne, 4 glasses actually and we rushed it while dancing, all I promise myself is to be strong but trust my companion even though I don’t know him as we both tried to enjoy our pairing then we continued dancing, rocking ourselves with the music as it makes sense and blends with the purpose.

As we held ourselves closely I muttered a word trying to ask if he speaks English but he nodded his head and gave a smile while using his finger to touch my lips whispered to me saying, “No talking” so I kept dancing looking at his face, he quickly kissed me lips gently while we keep dancing and that kept me more confused but I had to keep the trust going afterall no one has shouted of any wrong practice so I just have to enjoy the moment as it flows.

The music got a little higher while the song changed too, so everyone was busy rocking the floor while we keep drinking as we dance and he whispered, “Don’t be scared anymore I am Phill, not harmful but fun to be with so relax and enjoy the moment”. So I took a deep breath then continued dancing and he asked again “what’s your name” so I answered, “Selina” so he smiled then hugged me very closely and kissed my lips again while moaning softly then whispered, “you are so soft and warm, I can hardly let go”.

Just as the dance was still on, the light got dimed and Phil held me closely whispering to my ear not to worry, “I will keep you safe” then I let his hands stroll through my b…


.…to be continued next weekend. TGIS


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