The Conference III….Rated 18+

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…very romantic, exciting & sexy


By Xexzy Amanda



…continued….I could imagine as his apartment sells him out as a bigger boy living large so I held my breath not to talk as he was watching every move and expression on my face but I know deep inside him, he knew I was astonished as he is a very smart guy. Mark went ahead to hold my hands as we walked straight into his sitting room, offered me some wine while he stepped out to do whatever I don’t know but came back smiling with one of his hands kept at his back and I tried to catch it but I ended up receiving kisses and serious caressing, he held me very close to his body while trying to unbutton my dress but the jacket was very active so he just apologised and took me to the sitting room while we continue to sip the red wine.


After a while he brought the cake and cheese then some bowl of fruits in varities with more berries and I love berries so we keep enjoying the fruits, cakes, till he decided to excuse himself and went upstairs where I guess will be his bed room and came back saying its bed time soon, you can take your shower now if you wish, ofcourse I was already feeling tipsy, so he helped me to take off my clothes, led me to the bathroom, then put on the shower for me while I stepped into the shower, he hurriedly undress himself and joined me to shower.


Sincerely, Mark is a very strong gentleman with so much sense of humour but also very shy sometimes especially when he has real feelings for you, that I noticed so I held his hands and placed them on my boobs allowing him access to my world and I felt the moment was blowing his mind so he rushed to pull me closer to himself while kissing me passionately, moaning as my body touched his JT hovering with full desire to tear off with his body very warm under the shower as we keep on and on, his moaning thrilled the emotion in me that I had to succumb to the moment of ecstasy with this kinda feelings that will make you beg for a real touch and I bet you can’t bear this moment than flow with it, it’s so sensational, sweet indeed, I bet you!


Mark could not but spell every alphabet in my name with beautiful meanings and that made the moment so sensual as I had to yield to the entire command because I could not deny myself such a sweet thrilling moment with this strong, sexy guy whose romantic lyrics plays faster than a guitar even a pianist could’ve played this script feeling every beat of it in his loins as the moment determines the mood, direction of response of any body or heart listening to it and will surely yield to the tunes of this piper.


I bet you! The moment I just witnessed is very irresistible even you can’t beat it but abide to the rules of this game with total humility, if you doubt till you meet the kinda emotions that flows in Mark or Sheena then you will bow so sexy, romantic with this kinda curves coupled with her beauty and carriage which attracts concern to any real man.


We allowed nature take its place on our body as Mark stroll his fingers all over my body with kisses he compliments every move till his fingers strolled down my roses then he rushed in with his JT as we moan with excitement holding his body very close to myself as he whispers many sweet words to my ears and we keep going on and on till the door bell rang then he quickly grab his towel to check the door while I also get out of the shower grabbed a towel to clean up my body as i have to make some coffee and scrambled eggs for dinner.


…end. TGIS!


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…we gat your weekend grooving!


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