The Conference II….Rated 18+

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pure romance, exciting & sweet

By Xexzy Amanda


Contined…As he came down from the podium, he worked straight to me, with a hug I welcomed him back though yet to know him very well. I told him we should take a walk outside down the hall as the conference was almost over and everyone have gone for lunch so we decided to go sit out at a bar very close in the venue just to know each other better.

After which Mark offered me to spend the party time with him so we can talk better so I agreed to his request while we walk around discussing but he told me he has a special seat by the corner, where we can hang out even after the conference party and I decided to spend some spree time with him right after the party and he was very happy as we chat and play around.

Mark was such a pleasant personality and I love his charisma infact, he is very likeable and I think spending this time will be superb and a memorable one. So we went to chill at the very location he booked while we kept chatting about ourselves and he keep holding my hands massaging it gently with his fingers then kissed my fingers whispering, “You are so soft and warm and I wish to have you in my arms all night”, so I smiled because I know he is a very busy person and can’t spare much time out.

He just dragged my seat very close to himself then place his fingers on my body while putting my hand on his body and I could feel his body so warm and his JT so strong as if it want to revolt I could sense the mood is for real as he caresses my body, I could feel his fingers getting close to my roses with his heart beating so fast, I just felt like holding him closer to myself but the seating was made in such a way that all activities will be noticed by everyone in the venue so I decided to just place my head to his chest, allowing his hands wrap round my body with his fingers place right on my hips.


You can’t but imagine what goes on in his heart as he was busy planting kisses all over my cheek, neck, and  shoulder, after which we took some few glasses of red wine then he booked for some meal which has lots of roasted steak meat, vegetable salad and then cheese with bread cake though I was wondering what the cake was all about before he told me he love cakes, cheese and will love me to enjoy it with him after the party so we decided to take the cake with cheese home just to enjoy the night parole as we get back to his apartment.

It is time for the night party, so we joined the crowd to rock and roll the dance till it gets to the end when Mark decides we head out of the party hall so we hopped into his car while he zoomed off with speed till we arrived his place of aboard then he parked and opened the car for me to step out while we move inside of his apartment even his puppy rush to say hello to us.

I could imagine his apartment sales him out as a bigger boy living large so I held my breath not to talk as he was watching every move and expression on my face but I know deep inside him, he knew I was astonished. Mark went ahead to hold my hands as we walked straight into his sitting room, offered me some wine while he stepped out to do whatever I don’t know but came back smiling with one of his hands kept at his back and I tried to catch it but I ended up receiving kisses and serious caressing, he held me very close to his body while trying to help me unbutton my dress but the jacket was very active so he just apologised and took me to the seating room while we continue to sip the red wine.

After a while he brought the cake and cheese then some bowl of fruits in varities especially berries. I love berries so we keep eating these fruits, cakes, till he decided to excuse himself and went upstairs where I guess will be his bed room and came back saying its bed time soon, you can take your shower if you wish, ofcourse I was already feeling tipsy, so he helped me to take off my clothes then lead me to the bathroom, then put on the shower for me so I stepped into the shower while he undress himself to join me in the shower.

Mark is a strong gentleman but also shy sometimes especially when he has real feelings for you, that I noticed so I held his hands and placed them on my boobs allowing him access to my world and I felt the moment was blowing his mind so he rushed to pull me closer to himself while kissing me passionately, moaning as my body touched his j…

…to be continued next weekend…TGIS!

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