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pure romance, exciting & strong feelings


By Xexzy Amanda 



Life is beautiful, I am full of life, love and romance not sure about you. I love to keep to myself but knows when to open up a little bit not to flex muscle but keep the conversation going as one can’t live all alone.


I am Sheena, not like that tough or soft lady you know but just simple and a little hard sometimes especially when necessary, you can’t but wish I am for real to you because I know what a man wants in a woman.


This is exactly 8:00am, am getting ready for a conference, many dignitaries and men that matters are meant to be in attendance for this whole event as there will be speech, some art exhibitions, talk shows then closing time with exchange of pleasantries which ends with a night party, it is one event you won’t like to miss.


Like I said earlier, I love to meet people, make quality friends and catch some little fun if need be. The conference is meant to start by exactly 10:00am and most likely will end by 4:00pm while the party starts by 6:30pm to end by 10:30pm. 


Many workaholics like myself are been forced to have some rest with occasions that ends like this one, a party and I will be glad to grace the event with my beautiful self.


Today, my appearance will be very decent and charming, I will come dressed in my white long gown with a small black jacket to cover up a bit incase it gets cold inside, with my black heely shoes and purse just to blend my dressing, I will appear very matured and official in my colour blend though my white silk gown will be clinged on my body just to fit the curves though not transparent and I am sure of my beauty will radiates so bright, even my mirror confesses that and with kinda smile, I have my confidence assured as a real pretty princess.


Stepping into the conference hall, all eyes were on me as I majestically walk pass each person maintaining a catwalk till I get to a particular seat at the front roll but before I could grab a seat behind the dignitaries, I saw this very cute, looking very reserved gentleman walking towards me and immediately said, “A pretty woman like you should sit beside me, enjoy your moment with me” and I smiled and nod my head in astonishment saying, ‘Thank you sir”.


And he walked straight to the buffet side and whispered to the ushers there I guess he is booking for a special table even as I keep gazing at the entire hall, waiting for the conference to start proper. In a moment he came sitting with me, with two glasses of champagne he offered one to me and was sipping the other.


Then I was forced to ask to meet him officially and he said, “Mark is my name and you” so I smiled saying, “Sheena” so he smiled nodding his head. The conference has started proper and he was actually one of the personalities to give keynote so as they mentioned his him, he quickly kissed my fingers and said, “May I” so I said, “sure” so he stepped to the auditorium handing over his glass of champagne to me .


Mark was a very tall man, with this kinda pleasant look, he can easily attract friends to himself with the way he carries himself and I can tell you from the look of things he is one of the top personalities there so he was handed the microphone to speak and probably deliver his speech which he did excellently well, infact everyone applauded him including me.


As he came down, he worked straight to me, with a hug I welcomed him back though yet to know him very well. I told him we should take a walk down outside the hall as the conference was over and everyone have gone for lunch so we decided to go sit out at a bar very close in the venue just to know each other better.


After which Mark offered me to spend the party time with him so we can talk better so I agreed to his request while we walk around discussing but he told me he has a special seat by the corner, where we can hang out even after the conference party and I decided to spend some spree time with him right after the party and he was very happy as we chat and play around.


Mark was such a pleasant personality and I love his charisma infact, he is very likeable and I think spending this time will be superb. So we went to chill at the very location he booked while we keep chatting about ourselves and he keep holding my hands massaging it gently with his fingers then kissed my fingers whispering, “You are so soft and warm and I wish to have you in my arms all night”, so I smiled when I know he is a very busy person and can’t spare much time out.


He just dragged my seat very close to himself then place his fingers on my body while putting my hand on his body and I could feel his body so warm and his JT so strong as if it want to revolt I could sense the mood is for real as he caresses my body i could feel his fingers getting close to my r…


…to be continued next weekend…TGIS!


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