The Card II…..Rated 18+

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…strong feelings, thrilling & sexy


Continued….Infact, I was forced to ask if the planner was an artistic woman but no answer was given because they are yet to get the answers but notwithstanding I am really enjoying the moment as the Chairman was busy with calls while starring at me eyeball to eyeball and I could sense that feelings building up in him.



The waiter finally arrived with our meal order and 2 bottles of champagne which he opened and pour some in our glasses and went away but I was waiting for him to finish his call so we can drink and eat together though he was asking me to go on but I insisted to wait and he dropped the call just to join me to enjoy the meal, such a gentleman you know.


He quickly whispered to me, “You can address me with Richie, give me your hands” so I stretched my hands and he kissed it smiling with excitement in his eyes and offered me an envelope saying, “my token to you…”


And I accepted the envelope with all pleasure as that was an invitation to a ball party and some kinda credit card for shopping inorder to pick up some stuffs for the party preparation while asking me to choose a name tag in the envelope and let me know to enable him get a table for two on the said date.


I whispered pink is my choice of tag so he said alright while picking the tag from me and kept the red tag for himself and we keep talking and playing together then went over to the game side for him to play squash while I watch him change in the bathroom into a sports wear and handed over his designer clothes to me while we walked back to the game side where I sat by the pool side watching him even as he plays and he was very excited.


As I checked the time, it was almost 10:00pm so I quickly made a sign to him as he looked at me smiling, that it’s getting late and I need to go back home so he showed off his fingers saying 10mins more and I will be with you so I nodded my head and keep watching them as they play.


In just a moment he rushed back yo meet me and planted a kiss on my cheek so I smiled and held his hands to let him know we should be heading out of the venue so he dragged me close to himself and then kissed my lips and whispered, “I am gonna spend more sweet time with you soon” so I smiled and said, “hopefully” but we should be going so he held me on my hips while we march to his car.


We keep jisting and playing as we drove town to my place of aboard while he keep asking me to just visit his home, just to know where he lives while he still drop me off so I told him I am gonna visit in no time as going with him with such romantic mood will be a disaster as we had already drank some wine and champagne and can easily be tripped into that kinda erotic mood, you know what I mean tho!


Richie is a very interesting personality to mingle with but been the Chairman I have thos fear of mixing work with pleasure but he is such an irresistible personality though very strict when it comes to instructions to delivering duties, he expect hundred percent performance which earned me this closeness so I wouldn’t like to loose that closeness but at the same time keep my job so I have to be more careful and serious especially now the game is getting more interesting but challenging.


He finally got to my destination which is my home so I gave him a kiss on his lip while he held me very closely and pleading for more time but I told him I need to go so he came down from his car the followed me to my door and still kissed my lips whole hugging me, feeling the warmth from my body, he whispered, “You are such a gentle, sweet girl and I will keep you to myself”. So I hurridly opened my door and rushed inside while he reminded me of the invitation.

…to be continued next week!


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