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…pure romance, very fascinating & intriguing


By Xexzy Amanda



My neighbourhood is a very calm and beautiful one without telling anyone, you can visualize the natural flowery designs on each street, with this kinda sweet sounds coming from the birds flying around and perching on each colourful flowers .



Early this morning, I decided to have a walk down my street to feel the fresh breeze coming from each sides so I took my camera with my manager, strolling down the street, taking some shots of selfie photographs.


It was an amazing experience as I get to see some funny and interesting point, the natural environment with different flowers and dogs barking down the road made the moment very imaginative. I could see how nature could input peace and sweetness in one’s mood but this experience is really worth it, you can feel it as well.


Fridays are sometimes interesting and inviting as one can actually create the weekend as it suits his/her lifestyle and sometimes we need a shift from the whole routine activities to be able to pass the hurdles of this life and move on real good.


Sometimes life faces you with no other option than to stay safe and loved which will need some freaky, thrilling moment to make all things become equal as no man is an island neither was life bent on one person than two people.


Believe you me, I kinda sometimes feel loved and very romantic looking forward to this kinda sweet moment that triggers some cuddling, kissing, caressing and mostly the main sexy part of it all.


I won’t say this urge of having it all thrilled to the extent of going to have him caress my body like never before does not exist but must be with that real person that thrills your feelings to beckon for more sweet moment.


But having a super hero who knows when to act and how to act to bring down the sweet memories of the moment and if possible yearn for more is the main reality of romance. It’s natural to feel loved and one can’t deny that fact the body needs sometimes, a masculine touch with that baritone voice whispering to your ears so romantically to put you in that thrilling mood of ecstasy to surrender to the magical world of love and sex filled with blues.


I am Elisa, tall slender but amazingly curved with this sparkling eyes that speaks to every heart that desires true fantasies with some kinda sensuality.


Frankly, I love myself and I love to make every moment count in my life. Driving down to a filling station with my beautiful convertible car this morning to fill up my car tank as I would be having a long ride far off town.


But I have to stop over at a shopping mall for some groceries fruits, veggies, canned drinks and few bottles of wine, champagne and brandy just to make my trip an amazing and interesting one.


Just looking at the invitation card, I realise I was like a mile close to the venue with this kinda beach filled with people having g fun but I still need to ask for the direction from a passer by who gladly pointed to the road next to where I stopped so I hurridly finish my shopping and drove straight to the direction on the invitation card and here comes this loud sound indicating the boat has arrived for a pick up so I picked my luggages and cued to join the boat ride.


With my invitation card I was checked in by one of the security guard into a very beautifully decorated guest room such that you can start to imagine if that romantic moment could come to reality but the funny part is that I came alone, in peace of course I will enjoy my time here.


Maybe my story might change as I enter the party hall but I can see many couples moving around with some glasses of champagne in their hands while caressing softly and kissing gently as they roll into the party hall.


There could be imaginations from some of the couples, how on earth someone so pretty like myself could’ve attended such a romantic event alone. I could see it in their eyes but not bothered at all as I am already enjoying the thrilling moment with some glasses of champagne and wine to drink.


So I decided to move further to the front of the venue just to interact with maybe friends to be who attended as couples. I went to the meal side and was keeping myself busy by tasting some of the new delicacies I just saw on the meal stand.


I do think I was the only one that came alone but I can also see some other people who was alone so as I was trying to go to a particular table to sit down and enjoy the meal, I clashed with this tall handsome dude also carrying a plate of some seafood with veggies and a glass of wine but good enough the food did not fall off, the only thing was that, the wine poured a little on our clothes so he tried cleaning the drink on my clothes and introduced himself as Nick.


Oh my! Nick was this handsome that, I wonder how he maneuver all ladies because Nick was every woman’s dream of a man. Nice look, very fit with this broad chest and a warm charming smile and voice that could make a lady go wet in a moment but I wouldn’t know what to expect as in character but I still feel Nick might be a bit strict and naughty which might end up being my kinda man.


But notwithstanding I will have to give that chance to explore who Nick might really be as the party jusy started and everyone was ready to buggie on the go and I will not be left out. Nick stretched out his hands to me for a dance and I responded with a smile while we keep the dance rolling he whispered, “I am Nick, what is your name pretty”.


I held his hands as we talk and still dancing so I whispered to his ears, “Elisa from the island” , he gave a chuckle and said, “you re very beautiful, could it be you are that special edition of God’s work” and I smiled and told him, ” you might want to explore that”…


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