Strong Desire III….Rated 18+

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…stong romance intriguing & sexy


By Xexzy Amanda



Continued…So I opened the oven to brought out the cup cakes while Mark got some wine from the freezer with bowl of ice cubes then joined me on the dinning to enjoy the cake while holding my hands facing each other as we enjoy the cakes together, he keep showering sweet words on me just to appreciate my effort and I was very pleased to his gentility for helping in the kitchen then he kissed my lips again and hold me closely to himself with those sweet words he used his fingers to caress my body drawing up my gown and touching my thighs and that tickles me so much that I have to hold him back and kissed his lips till he grabbed my hips closer to himself, strolling his fingers on my roses.


It was such a sweet experience but I had to hold on reminding him that we need to go visit a friend of his whom he told me to remind him though it was not easy for him to stop but we had to go so he slowly let go and pulled the apron then urged me to get ready so we can quickly go say hello to his friend as his house is just a stone throw from his street.


We decided to drive down town first to pick some snacks before heading to the friends house and as we got there his friend has few friends around but Mark never told me he was coming for a meeting so I could dress properly in a long gown as I was just wearing my short off shoulder dress which he loves so much as it shows every part of my curves though he sees it as normal, sweet and good for his eyes.


So his friend offered us two seats among his guests and I was really astonished as that was a business meeting and Mark never told me about this, I couldn’t imagine the reason, I became very shy though still have to be part of the meeting and both of us sitting together, beside each other with his fingers playing a fast one on my laps, I could feel the warmness of his body from his touch and I felt very sexy but I have to hold on from kissing him while the meeting goes on.


Mark is full of life, energetic, romantic and very sexy in his moves, he hurriedly looked at me and said, “You are killing me softly, can’t wait to get back home”. So I decided to step out to the rest room but all I needed was Mark to massage my body a little as the feelings was just too much.


And in a moment, Mark came outside to look for me, not knowing I was in the rest room so his friend came to knock at the rest room to call me that Mark is actually looking for me while the meeting just finished.


I was happy at least, we will be heading home but this time to sit out a little have some drink then straight to Mark’s house infact that is the real deal as we are to explore the treasure in every moment we have missed.


He was ready to explore every bit of me just to have the real feel of my body, Mark knows how to take a woman to ecstasy, as we got his aboard, he ushered me out of the car them hold my hands with this kinda affection with feelings, that will make you want grab a fast kiss.

Infact, I, Sally had my mind blown wild with his thoughts ringing in my mind like a bell as we rushed into his apartment which was beautifully decorated with some designers attractive decor, well scented, some paintings of him on the wall, some white floral flowers sprinkled in a flower vase on every corner of the house, with his little designed bar filled with different kinds of wine, juice champagne and spirit drinks with some fruits on the table.


Mark seems to be one with a high taste of designs, I could sense that from the decoration of his sitting room, as I was trying to figure out the beauty of his sitting room, he came to invite me to his bed room.


Oh my! Such an amazing sight, with a very big bathroom that can comfortably accommodate 4 people showering at the same time and he whispered, “We can have a sweet time in here, if you wish”.


I just smiled and nod my head, So he put on the music then quickly grabbed my hands pulling me to himself and ask for a dance so I have to join him dancing while still looking at the amazing bathroom and he whispered to my ears, “We can rock and roll in the shower, you know”, so he started to unzip my dress from the back even as we keep dancing then place my head on his bare chest with my hands round his waist then pulled down my under wear with his hands placed on top my bum, pressing my body closer to himself then whispered, “feel free to touch it” which I hurriedly did as the moment was getting more romantic, very intriguing.


And we had to get going into the bathroom as we dance, having the shower on, made it more romantic and sexy as the water was very warm and Mark holding my body like am gonna runaway, I could feel every bit of the moment, his heart beat exposes his desire to have it all and I feel like yielding to the call as his body calls me so fast and his kiss made me feel the moment so strong that feel am falling for it already, we couldn’t hold back my breath as the desire over shadows all our thinking with memories building so strong and fast, Mark hugged me so strong with every part yearning to let loose in it.


Moaning was an understatement as the desire took over every moment with Mark caressing and pushing harder for that sweet touch that sparks the mind and cools off the brain, we were like those soaked with strong alcoholic wine, words cannot describe each moment as we get down to have the taste of each moment holding each other as it touches the tip of my…



…to be continued next week with new episode...TGIS!

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