Strong Desire II….Rated 18+

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very romance and intriguing 


By Xexzy Amanda 


So I smiled and said OK thats very nice but then he said, “call me Mark, I live in a town next to yours but always very busy but today is my birthday and I decided to celebrate, at least let me meet someone so sweet like you “, so I smiled while he drag me closer to himself and kissed my cheek while holding me very closely then whispered, “my lady, you could make my day complete if you accept an invitation for dinner tonight in my house”.

I smiled and told him that will be some other time because its already morning and I have lots of house chores to do and want to do some baking so he can come over if he wish as this morning is Saturday, a work free day so he smiled and promised to turn up later in the day. So he escorted me to my car then kiss me goodbye and I zoomed off to my aboard.

On getting home, I met some gifts from my office at my door step so I took them inside and rushed to undress, throwing my clothes on the chair and my shoes on the floor then wearing just my underwear and my door bell rang so I hurriedly tried to wear my dress with the zip still open then I rush to the door to check who is at the door and that was the birthday boss so I opened the door while he came in with a hug, held my body very close to himself then planted a long kiss on my forehead and cheek, I noticed something different in Mark, he is so gentle, soft, romantic and sexy even his smiles can make u feel like giving up on your strength.

I must confess, Mark is very passionate but Conservative, you could hardly predict his next move and I think I like him like that with a little ego which unveils the real man in him, I can see that arrogant lover spirit in him and I think it will suit my very romantic and sexy self, ready to play along if he plays well.

But today I got lots of chores waiting for me and am not going to waste any time in clearing all before Mark distracts me so I hurriedly put the dirty clothes in the washing machine then clear off the dishes, mob up the floors while Mark was at the sitting room watching some very romantic movies and jisting with me but am gonna play a very naughty one so I grabbed my apron then wear it on Mark and told him we are going to do some baking maybe some chocolate or milky cup cakes and Mark was really excited saying that today is gonna make another different and he will truly appreciate that as he cherished every moment we share together and as we speak he steps closer to me till he wanting to grab my hands but I ran off from him so he started pursuing me round the house till we fell on the sofa.

So he grabbed me and kissed my lips like one who has been starved for long with his fingers clipped on my hip caressing every bit of my body but I had to remind him that we are on a journey to bake the sweetest cake ever for us so he quickly let go while holding my fingers as we rushed to the kitchen to start the baking.

So he grabbed the flour and cut it open then gave me the flour to pour in a bow while he pick the fruities with one hand while holding me from the back, whispering sweet words to my ears while I keep kneadng the flour together with the ingredients till his phone rang so he decided to go pick up the call while sitting back at the chair so I used the opportunity to finish up the cakes and set it in the oven to bake for some minutes, I had to go back to the sitting room to meet Mark.

Infact, sitting beside him was another sweet, thrilling moment as he pulled me closer to himself, with his fingers he plays my body softly and gently with his body so warm and inviting as the weather even gets cold. Mark was also busy on call since so I decided to go check my cakes as the aroma is already everywhere and I bet u it will be very sweet.

So I opened the oven to brought out the cup cakes while Mark got some wine from the freezer with bowl of ice cubes then joined me on the dinning to enjoy the cake while holding my hands facing each other as we enjoy the cakes together,  he keep showering sweet words on me just to appreciate my effort and I was very pleased to his gentility for helping in the kitchen then he kissed my lips again and hold me closely to himself with those sweet words he used his fingers to caress my body drawing up my gown and touching my bare legs and that tickles me so much that hold him back and kissed his lips till he grabbed my hips closer to himself, strolling his fingers on my ro…


…to be continued next weekend…TGIS!


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