Strong Desire I….Rated 18+

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…very romance and intriguing 


By Xexzy Amanda 



It’s just 8 o’clock in the morning, everyone is getting ready to leave for work but I am still trying to tidy up my room and fix up some breakfast for myself as my work place isn’t that far from my aboard.


So I think I should make a very light meal like roasted steak and sliced honey spread bread with a cup of coffee to enable me package into my lunch bag to the office and then most importantly my attire for Friday groove as I have an invitation for a birthday party organised by one of the wealthiest man in town though I haven’t met him before.

Everyone in town has his name ringing on their mind, it is a party that brings together men of integrity and great status so when an invitation gets to your doorstep, you will have no choice than to cherish and honour it, I will try to explore the moment, I promise.

My name is Sally, I love myself very much, very attractive with my height and my long legs I will blush for real, I have all it takes to make you get hooked to myself infact its only a man who has no feelings or sense of humour that will not cherish me. I am the choice of any real man that has what it takes to keep a woman, I bet!


Let me not bore you with my looks and endowment but I assure you, you will fall for it as a real man. Getting to my bathroom to shower with this soft blues playing from my bedroom, I felt a bit lazy to go to work today but the money speaks so I had to rush the shower then outa my bathroom to dress in my pinky white gown and black shoes with my handbag, I hurriedly carried my lunch box and my car key then enter my small porch car, with all glasses tinted then zoomed off to work.

On getting to my office, there are loads of files to finish then documents to submit to my subordinate and to my main boss before I could finish all these work, the night was close almost 6:00pm and I haven’t taking my lunch so I had it switch to dinner and my taste was for some Chinese meal with very lumpy lobster grilled of course and that will cost me some good money but I don’t mind than to quickly enter a Chinese restaurant to get some with a plate of Chinese rice after which I entered my car and zoomed off to my aboard.

As I parked my car,  rushed in to shower, have my dinner then dress on my sweet long gown with this classy shoe for the party then took a bottle of red wine to cool off my day as I drove down town to the party venue. I must confess, I feel very excited going for this Party as I haven’t been to a gathering like this in a long while and people hardly know me so my appearance will really make a difference as my dressing speaks loud on how new and fresh I am in town.

And I am ready to cruise the moment with the nice gentle ones who are ready to party tonight, remember it is not my birthday but am gonna seized the moment as I enter the venue, thank God I have my sunshade glasses with me even though its dark already my glasses gets brighter sight at night so I gat no issue to bother as I don’t want to let my shy side have a better part of me tonight but with my glasses I am gonna be as bold as lion ready to devour.

Here I come after having 2 glasses of my red wine, I feel bold and better so I stepped out of my car then took my purse, locked up my car and move straight into the venue and guess what, the first guest I met at the entrance, that was the host, good looking, very charming with this kinda sweet smiles I could imagine how entertaining he will become in my hands but still he might not be that nice so I just greeted him and he grab my hands, looking at my slender chocolate fingers, he kissed it and said, “Welcome my Lady” and ushered me to the front seat where his eyes will be focused on me I guess and he hurriedly went up to the stage and announced that the party begins after some speech about him was done by the anchor of the ceremony while he nods his head in astonishment waiting anxiously to cut the cake and pop the champagne so the dance floor could be opened.

I was just watching the sparkling colourful lights all over the hall with everyone looking very sweet and attractive but the host to me catches my eyes so I stood up as he was meant to cut the cake with a toast, he then declared the party open so the dance begins and here comes this young handsome one coming from the entrance door to meet me for a dance and as I turned he said, “My lady, can I have a dance with you, call me Santos”, I was surprised at his look as he look so younger than the host, dressed in black suit, blue shirt with a bow tie with his hair cut so low with this kinda sexy eyes but I don’t want to say a word than just dance with him till the first round of the dance was over then he gave me a chuckle, kissed my cheek and moved straight to the host to say congratulations handed over an envelope to his body guard.

Then came back to me and slipped an envelope into my handbag and whispered, “You are such a beauty, see u again” and he left the venue and wave me goodbye. Oh my God! I was very astonished, wondering such man with such attitude then the host came around to ask if I know the young man and I said no just met him here so he just whispered, he is my crew, very wealthy as well but hardly have time to mingle so that’s why they are all alone.

So I smiled and said OK thats very nice but then he said, “call me Mark, I live in a town next to yours but always very busy but today is my birthday and I decided to celebrate at least let me meet someone so sweet like you “, so I smiled while he drag me closer to himself and kissed my cheek while holding me very closely then whispered, “my lady, you could make my day complete if you accept an invitation for dinner  tonight in my house”

I smiled and told him that will be some other time because its already morning and I have lots of house chores to do and want to do some baking so he can come over if he wish as this morning is Saturday, a work free day so he smiled and promised to turn up later in the day. So he escorted me to my car then kiss me goodbye then I zoomed off to my aboard.

On getting home, I met some gifts from my office at my door step so I took them inside and rushed to undress, throwing my clothes on the chair and ny shoes on the floor then wearing just my underwear and my door bell rang so I hurriedly tried to wear my dress with the zip still open then I rush to the door to check who is there and that was the birthday boss so I opened the door while he came in with a hug he….


…to be continued next weekend…TGIS!


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…we gat your weekend grooving!

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