Strong Attraction II….Rated 18+

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…pure romance, very exciting

…continued…Prince Martini stood up, held my body to himself, pressing the bell while the ushers came in with different order leaflet so we made some order and they served the dinning table with different dishes, fruits, veggies, beef, chicken, turkey and wines, champagne, cocktail then water.


Maritni ushered me to the table then fed me with his hands while kissing my lips with his hands caressing gently on my hips, I sense he could be tracing the lines of my panties but funny enough I had non on me, just my fitted dress which brought out my curves and that turns him on as he could not keep his fingers cool but moan as he stroll all through my dress making me feel the thrill of the moment.

I could tell from the look on his face that he wanted more of the thrill but I needed to finish the business of the day and whispered to him that, there is time ahead got such merriment but for now it will be wiser to deliver the business and set a new deal if need be while the little romance comes after all.

So he smiled saying, “Nice one my Lady” let’s get it on to the sitting room after lunch as he also wish to play his piano for me before I leave. So I told him that will be a brilliant idea as I love live bands and songs that touch the heart as it brings out the best in you.

So we proceeded to his changing room decorated with glasses while he test the clothings with d excitement as he has a very good body for clothings and they fits so well on him and that made him hug me whispering to my ears, “you are such a genius” and I kinda appreciate such commendations from my clients as that boost my moral and grease my creative mindset.

Martini is such a sweet guy even though u can sense a little bit of arrogance in him but very articulate and considerate in his actions, most importantly very romantic at least the little time I spent with him. I just delivered the job to him while picking a fresh order while Martini decided to take a stroll in his car to know my place of aboard which was thoughtful of him.


So we proceeded to my house where we spent a little time, dropped the new order then move back to his aboard so as to enable him play the piano to me, this time Martini went to change in his special attire which he love to use to play the piano to its fullest after which we began to dance gently as the music plays so slow, steady and sweet which makes it all amazing but still the moment was yet to get to his desire as his feelings shows he wanted more time with me but I had to rush back so we decided to have a date that will offer fulfilment of desire.

Even as we agreed on scheduling a date, Martini held my hands as we rock the music as he finished playing, whispering sweet words which made the moment more thrilling and romantic, it was a memorable event even as we keep the dance with kisses and caresses pinned the date for next friday, so he hugged me and kissed my li…. be continued next weekend.

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