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....pure romance, very intriguing.


Blossom is a strong business minded lady, a fashoinista, creative designer with this sense of humour, her time is very precious coupled with her lifestyle of exercising her body to ensure she keeps fit makes her more busier than a bee.



I am Blossom, as a fashion freak, I like keeping fit, my vegetarian lifestyle keeps me off parties as my indoor habits makes it busier for my kinda lady and difficult for my admirers who will now have to work extra hard to get close to my pretty self except I yield to your call for business.

But I bet you! One must worth it for love to flash my mind as Blossom, you will really work so hard to get my attention and your love must be of 95% at least to make me fall for you.


Living in a neighbourhood of wealthy men, you just have to be up and doing with your lifestyle simple and classy otherwise you will not grab the crown of regard as these billionaires don’t give a damn who passes by.


Having found myself in such an environment though having some kinda strong lucrative business, ofcourse mine isn’t that bad at least I can still afford a little exotic sports car for myself to cruise around as one


I have this kinda business meeting with one of the billionaires in town though not regular face but I had him request for some items in my care which is his clothings, I am a business lady to the core, my clothing line scores top of the town and my fabrics sweet but African, with exquisite pearl bead jewelleries to blend your style and that makes my fashion line very unique and friendly though affordable to my customers.


I am not blowing my trumpet but you will fall for my brand I bet you! Am also as beautiful as the diamond you know, smart, elegant and hardworking but contented for the moment. I plan to find love one day but that dude must merit it because I dine without caution, my love is pure and crazy, filled with fantasy and you must be into me for the game to be real.


Heading straight into my bathroom with my white towel robe on, put on the hot shower and sat on the bathtub, waiting for the water to get filled up, I hurriedly grabbed a plate of mixed berries and a glass of chilled wine from the fridge and rushed back to the bathroom, eating some of it while awaiting the bathtub to get filled so I finished my berries then drop my towel and jump into the tub to enjoy the hot water bath while watching some romantic movies gulping down my champagne, my dear it feels so sweet.


A call came in as my phone keep ringing, so I put on my towel to go answer my call, that was the billonaire, who booked an appointment to pick up his clothings while I take new measurement for some new ones which my fashion designer will work on later on.


So I pleaded for time to come meet him at his office to complete the deal for some huge sales. Though he sounds reluctant but I hurridly dressed in my short fitted beige coloured dress with my sandals looking very simple, sexy and classy, looking sweet for any real man that appreciates pretty woman.


On getting to the office, the security man ushered me into the building with a huge decoration, which captured my eyes so I stood in the big hall starring at the tall walls with this beautiful paintings of artworks on the wall, beside the television was another portrait which I believe should be that of the billionaire so I went closer to observe the paintings but it began to show a different artwork so I smiled in astonishment, turning to check out the other side of the hall, I saw the dinning hall and what struck my mind was if that was a royal palace as the dinning furniture represent royalty even though my client didn’t introduce himself as Prince or King as we spoke but I became cautious of it to ensure I address him as a Prince or King.


I moved straight to have a seat, looking up, I saw this sweet looking man starring from the distance and as our eyes caught each other he started coming down to meet me where I was sitting so I hurridly rushed up, looking at his face, I stretched my hands to say greetings your honour and he grabbed my fingers kissed it gently for long saying, “welcome my lady, feel at home, you can call me Prince Martini, I am gentle and very accommodating, feel free”.


So I sat down to ponder over the potrait and the photo that appeared when I got closer, that was Prince Martini I saw so he took my hand as we walk round the house to the garden, till we got to a sitting position, he just said as he is still holding my hands, ‘tell me did you bring my clothes and I nodded my head and said, “it’s in the car” he gave a chuckle saying, “will pick it later but first I would like to spend a little time with you, tell me about yourself”.


And I looked at his eyes as we sat very close to each other, I just muttered, “not now please”, he grabbed me closer to himself looking at my eyes, kissed my lips slowly and said, “if only you could be mine, we will go a long way I bet”. So I hurridly said, ” call me Blossom, I am your designer, brought your clothes for you’. He smiled and whispered, “here we finally met, I always thought my designer was a male but today saw a beautiful angel, I love you”.


Prince Martini stood up, held my body to himself, pressing the bell while the ushers came in with different order leaflet so we made some order and they served the dinning table with different dishes, fruits, veggies, beef, chicken, turkey and wines, champagne, cocktail then water.


Maritni ushered me to the table then fed me with his hands while kissing my lips with his hands caressing gently on my hips, I sense he could be tracing the lines of my panties but funny enough I had non on me, just my fitted dress which brought out my curves and that turns him on as he could not keep his fingers cool but moan and stroll all through my….


…to be continued next weekend, you can’t miss this I bet you!


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….we gat your weekend grooving!



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