Scent of a Woman II…Rated 18+

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….very intriguing & thrilling 

….continued At a point, he offered to pour more drink for me but I refuse to drink anymore then he started jisting and cracking jokes which made me feel better then the party had begun and everyone had a partner except for us that came separately so we stood up starring at each other and then he put his hands around my hips whispering, “My Lady, can we dance a little?” So I allowed him hold me closer as we dance, I bet you Adam is a good rocker, he caresses my body as we dance very gently even as we keep jisting.


Adam wants to have it for a longer time as his desire is to get more closer to ensure something better comes of this meeting but I bet you, there might be no much time as it’s already 11:30pm but I can’t wait to have it all as such moment comes once in a time especially when it’s for real.

The ball is still on but we decided to take a cruise down town to witness the sweet breeze and sight of major places in town. Adam has this beautiful, classy car and he just switched for me to take the wheels while he watch out as we cruise, so he pulled my long gown up to my thighs saying as am to drive, he want to feel your legs free on the brake and throttle while he uses his fingers to caress my body gently.

Men! It’s sweet and very enticing as he caresses my thighs gently with his fingers strolling very close to my roses, I moaned softly holding the car steering strongly as I drive slowly till we get to a super market then parked to pick up some ice cream, snacks, fruits, cookies and wine as he love sweet things.

On our way back, Adam decided to take the wheels but first gave me some ice cream, leaving it on my mouth just to lick it up with his tongue, kissing my entire body with passion and I had no choice than to hug him, with my fingers I smooched his JT very gently, ready to take the bananas in it while he moan heavily pleading for the real deal.

But I had to stop for him to drive the wheels to his aboard where we decided to take a little break to make some dinner, shower before the showdown begins. The moment was extremely amazing and thrilling as he pulled me close to himself with a deep kiss and this kinda soft touch, caressing all over my body, I could imagine how sweet the real moment would become as my man is readily hard to move me to ecstasy.

I had to play by the rule as he unzip my dress from the back, kissing my neck, my back, my fingers even as he presses my body very close to his, with his fingers placed on my hips stroking it gently down below, I moaned as he kisses my lips, with his JT pinching hard on my body, I felt like letting my legs go wider as the moment triggers the mood so hot that resistance became very avoidable as both of us are in this very high mood and the feelings are so real, you can’t beat this then I grabbed the JT in my mo… be continued next weekend

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