Scent of a Woman I…Rated 18+

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pure romance, very intriguing 


Nelly is my name, I am 6ft+, chocolate fair in colour, long legs, beautiful curves, tall, sexy blues eyes with a black afro curled hair style.



I, Nelly is very passionate about true love and I intend to find one otherwise will play the game to suit my style and take my time to grab the right man for me . I hate been controlled even though I can be very humble and sweet. If am to choose my man I will like him tall, dark or fair in colour, sweet, strong and very sweet but not harsh nor disrespectful but such man that value the scent of a woman.


I like my man to be the encouraging and caring type, that knows when to throw his net for the show down, the type that can blend for a longer time if need be, the one with the necessary tools to make a woman fall in love many times without asking, the man that his body calls for pure romance and real sex without yelling for it.


That man that seeks for the scent of a woman and make fancy world just to make a woman worship him. I will fetch him tonight as the ball will be on and my invitation is right in my purse. Tonight is the ball party, not just for anyone but for the elites, business tycoons, top government officials and as a special one, I am invited to cruise the moment with the high and mighty in town.


I bet you, with my scent the right choice will be attracted, a beautiful soul to my sweet self as this ball party is for me and am not gonna let it pass by.


Follow me as we roll tonight as its gonna be the night for the real dolls, I told yea. My long black beautiful gown is set, my diamond necklace, black heely sandals, gold purse and a diamond earrings match with a diamond hand chain.


Showering with my sweet fragrance shower gel in warm water with my towel, I clean off the water on my body then step out to my bedroom, after which I wore my dress then kit up while the cab arrived and my door bell rang so I stepped into the cab then we drove off to the ball.


Close to the event, one of the bouncers at the enterance of the party hall handed over another card red in colour with a badge bearing my name, “Nelly” so I took the card and stepped inside the hall while the bouncer (smiling)stepped backing saying, “you are welcome, ma’am” so I gave a chuckle then move further inside and the waiter ushered me to a particular table well decorated with a very expensive champagne, Long wine glasses then some variety of fruits placed on a beautiful mug.


The waiter opened the champagne and poured some in my glass cup and said someone will join u soon. So I wanted to ask but he was too fast so I decided to enjoy the drink while watching the activities in the hall. Every table was like having 4 on a table but I was just sitting alone.


In a moment, a young tall cute gentleman putting on a white suit with a white hat just walk towards my table sat down without a word so I looked at him (surprisingly) at least for a hi but he said no word but keep watching the playout at the event and I offered him to join me to drink instead he ordered more wine and champagne and muttered, “hi” so I also said, “Hi” and he smiled and whispered, “Adam” stretching his hand for a shake so I obliged to that and said, “Nelly is my name” but he smiled looking at me as if am a strange creature sitting right in front of him.

At a point, he offered to pour more drink for me but I refuse to drink anymore then he started jisting and cracking jokes which made me feel better then the party had begun and everyone had a partner except for us that came separately so we stood up starring at each other and then he put his hands around my hips whispering, “My Lady, can we dance a little?” So I allowed him hold me closer as we dance, I bet you Adam is a good rocker, he caresses my body as we dance very gently even as we keep jisting…


…to be continued next weekend 


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….we gat your weekend grooving!


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