Read this– President Tinubu Set to send 2024 Supplementary Appropriation Bill to National Assembly…..details

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President Bola Tinubu announced on Wednesday that he will promptly send the 2024 supplementary Appropriation Bill to the National Assembly. This is to ensure that his administration can maintain its commitment to delivering effective governance to the people of Nigeria.


He mentioned that the budget plan, designed to promote prosperity, growth, and advancement, would further accelerate the government’s current positive momentum.



“Charting a new path is a question of programme for development. I submitted the 2024 budget to you and you expeditiously passed it. We are walking the talk. I will soon bring the 2024 supplementary Appropriation Bill. Building this nation so that the future of our grandchildren will be filled with prosperity, development and progress is a step in the right direction.”


“Our friends, old and new, to every Nigerian, I say congratulations for 25 years of unbroken democracy. Out of respect, I want to say thank you very much for bringing us to this stage. For building the institution, for building this country.


“You are first and foremost leaders that speak for our people. And you have been at the forefront of this institution. The hallowed chambers represent our consciousness of freedom and sense of belonging.


“You see, this is our diversity representing all parts and how we blend to be brothers and sisters. Without this House, probably I may not have found the path to the presidency. I started from here. And that is why I am giving my respect this morning to you, to please continue to collaborate, work together, and build our country.


“Nobody, no aid, no other institution or personality will help us unless we do it ourselves. No number of aid coming from foreign countries or any other nation can do it. They (foreign nations) take care of themselves first. Let us work together to build our nation, not only for us but for generations yet unborn,” he said.


Source: X/Imranmudhz


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