Prof. Soludo, Peter Obi And Labour Party Billboards  

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By Ebuka Onyekwelu


Some people are now criticising removal of some Labour Party’s billboards, by Anambra State Government.



Well, let’s be fair and balanced.


Peter Obi as Governor refused opposition parties use of Ekwueme Square in Awka. In fact, Obi made it clear that opposition cannot be shown any form of support, but must be suppressed. His mantra was, “I can’t empower my enemy”. Well, that might be fair in politics, provided it is not taken to extremes.


As Governor, Obi denied Labour Party, yes, this same Labour Party, the only LGA the party won in Anambra State which was Nnewi North LGA, when he conducted the 2014 LGA election, two months to completion of his 8 years in office as Anambra State Governor. Obi conducted LGA election in January and left in March. Given the influence of Sen. Ifeanyi Ubah, it was impossible for APGA to “win” the LGA election in Nnewi. Obi tried twice and failed twice. The election was then cancelled till date. The irony is that then, LP was led by Sen. Ifeanyi Ubah. But today, Peter Obi is in LP, as its Presidential Candidate.


This is why what Sen. Ifeanyi Ubah is doing with YPP today is important. (Story for another day).


When we compare Obi’s attitudes towards oppostion in his days as governor, to what Prof. Soludo has done and how benevolent he has been, if we are fair, we will admit that Soludo is just.


Recall how Soludo gave Obi Government House, where Obi declared his Presidential Aspiration, before he later joined LP.


Has there been any other time we have opposition billboards in Awka as we have them today?


Do people expect Soludo to leave APGA and support Labour Party? Are you people really serious?


You might disagree with Prof. Soludo on clear grounds. But, he is tolerant and has higher level of political maturity than Obi, compared to when the later was governor.

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