PHOTOS: “Urgent Review Needed: Delta State Government Needs To Approach To Multiple Taxation And Anti-Investment Inhibitions”

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By Comrade Victor Ojei (popularly called Wong Box)


In recent years, Delta State has made commendable strides in economic development and investment attraction. However, one major concern that continues to plague the business environment is the issue of multiple taxation and anti-investment inhibitions. As a concerned citizen and economic observer, I urge the Delta State Government to urgently review all complaints related to these challenges. This article explores the detrimental effects of multiple taxation and anti-investment inhibitions, highlighting the importance of addressing these issues promptly.



Multiple Taxation: A Burden on Businesses


One of the primary challenges faced by businesses in Delta State is the issue of multiple taxation. While taxes are essential for funding public services and infrastructure development, excessive taxation or overlapping levies can burden businesses and hinder their growth. Entrepreneurs and investors often face the frustrating reality of having to comply with multiple tax agencies at various levels of government, leading to a complex and cumbersome tax environment.


The burden of multiple taxation not only affects the financial viability of businesses but also hampers their competitiveness. It creates an uneven playing field and discourages both local and foreign investors from establishing or expanding their operations in Delta State.* _By imposing excessive taxes, the government inadvertently discourages investment, stifles job creation, and slows down the overall economic growth of the state.


Anti-Investment Inhibitions: Barriers to Economic Progress:


In addition to multiple taxation, Delta State also faces anti-investment inhibitions that deter potential investors. These inhibitions manifest in various forms, including bureaucratic red tape, delays in obtaining permits and licenses, inconsistent policies, and inadequate infrastructure. Such barriers hinder business operations and erode the confidence of investors who are crucial for driving economic growth. *The multiple tickets from the local government to owners of existing small and medium businesses in the state does not encourage the growth of these businesses that has capacity if the government could make provisions for soft loans that if well invested will reduce the unemployment rate which will go a long way to checkmate the social aspect of crime control.


Bureaucratic inefficiencies and unnecessary delays create a hostile investment climate, making it difficult for businesses to navigate the system smoothly. Investors seek certainty and a conducive environment to operate profitably and sustainably. By streamlining processes, eliminating unnecessary bureaucracy, and ensuring consistency in policies, the government can create a more attractive investment climate that encourages both local and foreign investors to choose Delta State as their preferred destination.


The Urgency for Review and Reform:


Given the adverse effects of multiple taxation and anti-investment inhibitions, it is imperative for the Delta State Government to undertake a thorough review of all complaints and concerns raised by businesses and investors. This review should encompass a comprehensive analysis of the tax system, including the identification and elimination of overlapping levies and redundant taxes. Simultaneously, reforms should be initiated to streamline bureaucratic processes, enhance transparency, and create an enabling business environment.


The benefits of such a review and subsequent reforms cannot be overstated. By addressing these issues, the government will signal its commitment to attracting investments and fostering economic growth. A transparent and business-friendly environment will not only encourage local entrepreneurs to expand their businesses but also attract foreign direct investment, leading to job creation and enhanced revenue generation for the state.




Delta State has immense potential for economic growth and prosperity. However, the prevailing challenges of multiple taxation and anti-investment inhibitions hinder the state’s progress. It is crucial for the government to urgently review all complaints regarding these issues and implement reforms that simplify the tax system and create a favorable business environment. By doing so, Delta State can unleash its economic potential, attract investments, and pave the way for a vibrant and prosperous future for its citizens. Let us seize this opportunity to transform Delta State into a hub of investment and innovation.


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