Photo Splash On Day 1 Traffic Of  Lion Club 15th Annual Multiple District Convention At Signatious Hotel And Suites, A Blast …

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…Fame Dela Hall gave its best in accommodating over 150 participants 
…Chef Wale & Crew welcomed the Lions with sumptuous delicacies at buffet

Eye witness was amazed as Signatious Hotel Fame Dela Hall roars with over 150 participants with all activities and attaires very colourful and the buffet was awesome too, evety participants testifies to its capacity and Hospitality.

It was also gathered that Signatious Hotel & Suites Fame Dela Hall could contain at least 3000 plus participants if it were so and that’s very amazing.

With Signatious Fame Dela Hall  your events accommodations, buffet, trainings, conventions ate assured.

Join us today for Day-2 activities

…. photos are avaliable to clear your doubt and you can follow on Facebook link below to watch videos of the convention.

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