Petition: Urgent Need for Safety Measures: Uncovered Drainage Systems and Manholes in Asaba, Delta State.

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By Comrade Victor Ojei popularly called Wong Box who also doubles as a Socio-political and Environmental Activist.




His Excellency the Executive Governor and esteemed members of the Government of Delta State, I write to bring your urgent attention to a critical issue plaguing the capital city of Asaba. The lack of proper coverage and safety measures for the drainage systems and manholes in the region poses a significant threat to the lives and well-being of its residents. As a concerned environmental expert, I feel obligated to shed light on the dangers associated with these uncovered canals and sewer openings, which have already claimed the lives of seven individuals in 2023 alone. Immediate action is required to prevent further loss of life and potential disasters._


Unaddressed Safety Considerations:

The construction of the Asaba storm water works, specifically the canals stretching 3 meters deep and 3 meters wide, has been undertaken without due consideration for safety and without the necessary Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) in line with global standards. This oversight is alarming, as it directly exposes the residents of Asaba to life-threatening risks. The absence of safety barrier kerbs, slabs, and proper coverage turns these drainage systems and manholes into potential death traps.


Impending Disaster:

The consequences of neglecting to cover the drainage systems and manholes in Asaba are dire. With poor visibility during heavy rainfall, unsuspecting individuals can easily fall into these openings, leading to severe injuries or even loss of life. The deep canals are capable of swallowing an entire vehicle, further emphasizing the urgency of this issue. We cannot afford to wait for a disaster to occur before implementing adequate safety measures.


Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA):

The absence of an Environmental Impact Assessment for the Asaba storm water works is not only a violation of global standards but also a failure to consider the long-term consequences on the local ecosystem. Uncovered drainage systems can become conduits for waste and pollutants, posing a threat to water sources and the overall environmental health of the region. It is imperative that proper assessments be conducted to understand the potential ecological impacts and take appropriate mitigation measures.


Call to Action:

In light of the aforementioned concerns, I implore the Government of Delta State to take immediate action to address this critical issue. The following measures are recommended to ensure the safety of the residents and protect the environment.


Installation of Safety Barriers:

Erect safety barrier kerbs, slabs, and covers to prevent accidental falls and ensure the security of pedestrians and motorists.


Conduct Environmental Impact Assessment: Initiate a comprehensive Environmental Impact Assessment to evaluate the potential consequences of uncovered drainage systems and manholes. This assessment will enable the implementation of appropriate mitigation strategies.


Public Awareness Campaign:


Launch an extensive public awareness campaign to educate residents about the risks associated with uncovered drainage systems and manholes. This will encourage responsible behavior and caution during inclement weather.


Collaboration with Experts:

Seek the expertise of environmental professionals and engineers to devise effective and sustainable solutions for covering the drainage systems and manholes in Asaba.



The current state of uncovered drainage systems and manholes in Asaba is a ticking time bomb, endangering the lives of its residents and risking an environmental catastrophe. The Government of Delta State must prioritize the safety and well-being of its citizens by taking immediate action to cover these openings, conduct a thorough Environmental Impact Assessment, and raise public awareness. Only through these proactive measures can we prevent further loss of life and safeguard the environment for future generations. Let us not wait for disaster to strike before rectifying this dangerous situation.

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