Peter Obi’s Exploitative Campaign: Promises and Deceit

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Subtitle: A Closer Look at the Labour Party’s Presidential Candidate


By Comrade Victor Ojei, (popularly called Wong Box)



In the wake of Nigeria’s 2023 Presidential election, the Labour Party’s candidate, Peter Obi, emerged as a contender who pledged to address the hardships faced by Nigerian youth. Promising to tackle issues such as unemployment, lack of government support for small and medium businesses, poor infrastructure, inadequate medical facilities, high taxation, and the duplication of duties between federal and state governments, Obi positioned himself as a beacon of hope for the suffering masses.


However, it is essential to examine the credibility of these promises and the character of the candidate himself. Peter Obi, a self-proclaimed advocate for converting Nigeria from a consumption-oriented country to a productive one, conveniently overlooked his own history as an exporter of various products for over 35 years. Importation, as we know, weakens the economy by devaluing the currency. Obi failed to acknowledge this significant contradiction in his campaign rhetoric.


Furthermore, Peter Obi had denied knowledge of Comrade Lamidi Apapa, the current Acting National Chairman of the Labour Party and the Deputy National Chairman of his own political party. This denial raises serious concerns about his integrity and transparency. How can a candidate who claims to champion a new Nigeria be oblivious to the key figures within his own party? It is indeed disgraceful and raises doubts about his credibility.


One cannot ignore the fact that Peter Obi, while serving as the Governor of Anambra State, faced accusations of human rights violations. The people of Anambra accused him of trampling on their rights, while also evading an invitation to appear before the EndSars Panel to address these allegations. Additionally, it is disheartening to note that during his eight-year tenure as governor, Obi neglected to conduct local government elections in Anambra State. These actions, or rather inactions, are not indicative of a leader who genuinely cares for the people and their democratic rights.


It is imperative to question the sincerity of a candidate who fails to uphold the rule of law. Obi’s disregard for a simple court order further highlights his willingness to operate outside the boundaries of legality. A leader should lead by example, adhering to the principles of justice and fairness. By disobeying a court order, Obi demonstrated a lack of respect for the judicial system and the democratic process.


Fortunately, Peter Obi was unsuccessful in his bid for the 2023 Presidential election. The Nigerian people can breathe a sigh of relief, knowing that they have been spared from what could have been a regrettable choice. Obi’s campaign promises of transforming Nigeria into a utopia seem to have been nothing more than empty rhetoric.


In conclusion, Peter Obi’s exploitative campaign, which sought to capitalize on the hardships faced by Nigerian youth, has been exposed for what it truly was—a mirage of false hope. The Nigerian people deserve leaders who are committed to transparency, accountability, and the pursuit of genuine solutions to the nation’s challenges. It is our collective responsibility to remain vigilant, holding candidates accountable for their words and actions, and demanding the best for our beloved country.


Note: The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author, Comrade Victor Ojei, popularly called Wong Box, and do not represent the opinions of the publication or its editorial team.

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